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I’ve almost always found great comfort in establishing and tracking milestones. As a former project manager, I guess that’s not really a surprise.

Good And Bad Milestones

Let’s start with the bad. In 1993, I was working in Northern NJ for an insurance company. There was an earlier bombing of the Twin Towers in NYC that most people have forgotten about since 9/11. At the time, my whacko vice president decided that it was too dangerous to fly for the months following the 1993 bombing, and I had to travel to Roanoke, Virginia (about 350 miles from where I lived). My VP insisted that I could only drive. The majority of that trip (about 320 miles of it) was on Route 81. Boring highway. But every five miles, there was a sign like the one in the featured photo. Roanoke, 317 Miles. Roanoke 312…307…302…etc. I will never need that many milestones.

But in addition to my project management work, I have found milestones in other areas of my work to be very useful.

Coordinating the Men’s Knitting Retreats over the last 15 years or so allows me to use milestones all the time. I have a full project plan for each retreat. It shows all the tasks, the dependencies, the time restrictions necessary to complete. In case you care, we’ve just achieved a major milestone for the upcoming May retreat. We’ve finalized the agenda! Yes, we have 9 workshops scheduled with volunteers to lead each workshop. We have a roadtrip scheduled. There are spaces allocated for each workshop, and a preview page for the workshops for the guys to choose their preferred workshops in each time slot.

This is one of the biggest milestones for each retreat. There are a number of tasks required to complete the milestone. And an number of future milestones are dependent on this one as well.

Can you tell I’m excited about all this?

The Milestone of Current Knitting

Knowing that I’m hoping to make a total of 8 Chicklets, I have now reached a milestone of halfway there.

Chicklets 02-09-24 03
Chicklets 02-09-24 04

Yes, I was able to finish the two closest Chicklets this week.

I really love these plush, little squish-hens. And I’m really enjoying making them as well. I hope showing the completion of each one isn’t akin to telling blog readers how far it is to Roanoke, Virginia every five miles.

7 comments on “Milestones

  1. Thank you for all the work you do in achieving the milestones for the Men’s Knitting Retreat. All your work is greatly appreciated.

  2. Congratulations on both the retreat milestone and the (cutest ever) chicklets. I’m knitting the breast on my second ESC commission for my IG friend’s boss, using the original size in worsted. I already have fingering-weight yarn set aside for a chicklet all due to your posts and inspiring photos, Joe. Is there a particular method you use in sewing the pieces together, like mattress stitch? Knitting Tree LA has a youtube video that takes you through the entire process, but somehow my stitches peek through. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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