Happy Birthday Valentine

Happy Birthday Valentine

Many of you know that my husband was born on Valentine’s Day. So, I’m publicly wishing Thaddeus a very happy birthday my valentine.

Doubly Blessed Birthday Valentine

This day is both a celebration of love, but also of acknowledging Thaddeus’ special day. It’s a big one for him this year. I’ll just say he’s five years older than I am. So, if you know how old I’ll be in April, then you know how old Thaddeus is today.

We have stopped exchanging gifts or flowers or candy on this day (with some exceptions). But he still likes to treat himself to something he loves at this time each year. This was his designated treat for this year’s special day.

The lovely men on the right personally harvested 100 fresh Love Point Oysters for Thaddeus. So he’ll be enjoying the fruits of their labor. Glad this little beauties make Thaddeus feel loved. He deserves it.

Current Knitting

The colorful brood is continuing to expand.

Chicklets 02-14-24 04

Yes, I finished another Chicklet, and she’s quite beautiful.

This one seems to have a bit more personality than some of the others, no? Plus I’m loving the colors on this one. Beauty and personality!

Readers’ Comments

I was very grateful to read others’ thoughts on my last post on Queer fear. It was gratifying to read what you all had to say from each local area and also nice to hear from the allies who could empathize. Thank you all.

5 comments on “Happy Birthday Valentine

  1. Happy Birthday to Thaddeus and Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. And thank you for showing the chickens! I have sent for a kit. What a great stash-buster project and wonderful idea for gifts.

  2. Happy Birthday to Thaddeus and Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. What a great celebration. And your chickens are my favorites of all I have seen. So colorful.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day. You guys make such a handsome pair. I remember seeing a picture from your younger days. Are you still buying chicken kits or just designing your own now? In reference to your last post, my crafting group here in south Mississippi was discussing how to teach your children to address non traditional people. Here some like their kids to say yes sir or yes mam. Not a big issue but being new to the group I was happy they were concerned.

    1. I have bought two Emotional Support Chicken kits from Knitting Tree LA. One for me and one for the raffle basket at the retreat in May. All of the chicken’s I’ve made are made from my stash. They don’t have kits for Chicklets (which is just their exact same patter using fingering weight yarn), but they should. Both sizes are awesome.

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