Design Choices

Design Choices

I’m really shitty at making design choices. Not for lack of aesthetic taste. But because I’m impatient and will usually choose the first option that looks decent.

Design Choices – Chicken Eye Color and Label Placement

Thaddeus is much better at making design choices than I am. He has all the patience in the world for trying out different options until he finds the best one. Me, not so much. In fact, I often find his inability to settle for “okay” to be frustrating.

Two design choices I had to make are a little different for me this time.

Chicken Eye Color

With each Chicklet that I complete, I need to choose an eye color. I have five options to choose from.

With only five options, I can definitely take the time and try out each one and decide on which one I think is best.

Which one would you choose? You’ll see which one I chose in Current Knitting below.

Label Placement

I got these great, cork-like labels with mini-rivets to put them on my knitwear.

For some of the recent Double Hitch shawls I’ve made, I’m thinking about donating them and think this label will look cool on them. But I can’t figure out where to place them on the garment.

This label will display differently based on how a person wears this garment. These are the possible options I’m considering.

Manmade with Love label shawl options

And where they’d show up on the scarf/shawl wrapped in two different ways.

If you were gifted this item, where would you want the label?

Current Knitting

Seven down, one (or two) more to go.

You’ll notice I went with the brown eyes. I thought they made this little hen look thoughtful and smart.

These Chicklets are a perfect project for me. I have a ton of sock/fingering weight yarn. And I love to play with colors. And this design does great thing

11 comments on “Design Choices

  1. I like the brown eyes (with the gray & taupe being runners up) but as I recall chicken eyes are all black.

    Personally I don’t like those riveted labels at all. Not just yours, but all of them! If you feel you must label, then please do so with something that will not interfere with the drape of the item, the overall look of the item or the comfort of the wearer. Imagine having to be careful putting on your cowl or wrapping your scarf so the label doesn’t poke into your neck.

  2. I’d have chosen the brown eyes, too. Where do you buy your eyes (that sounds weird)? I am waiting for my kit to arrive next week. I hope I enjoy the knit since I don’t usually like to knit objects, but if I do OMG will I have some stash-busting to do! A lot of people will be getting chickens from me!

  3. Why not experiment and do 5 chicks the same except for eye color? See what sells first…
    I liked the blue (against the blue and purple of the yarn underneath).

  4. Blue eyes for that particular chicklet would also be my choice, with the red as a strong contender. My chicken patron was happy with the second one I knit for her, a gift for her boss. She came up with some great names; we chose “Eggatha Christie,” for which I chained a necklace holding a tiny Christie book cover. I began a chicklet but wasn’t feeling it. Just now going in the other direction with Briggs and Little’s Atlantic chunky yarn in three colors and a size 9 needle. We’ll see. I tend to agree with Leslie about the tag, though I really like the text on it. To play the game, I choose placement option #4. Cheers for a happy weekend, Joe and Thaddeus. Hope his b’day/V’day celebration was grand, oysters and all.

  5. I don’t know how heavy the label and rivets are, but it looks like they would interfere with the comfort and especially the drape of a shawl, or limit the number of ways it could be styled. It doesn’t look comfortable for anything around the neck. I have seen them on the double folded watch cap brims and they look cute. They would also probably work on the cuff of a glove or mitt, but only on the outer wrist, not the sensitive inner wrist. Clearly, I’m not a fan of them!

  6. I agree with Leslie about the labels, which would be more appropriate inside a sweater. Brown eyes for the chicks.

  7. I like the red eyes, Glad I read the post because at first glance, I was wondering why you were choking your chicken…🤦‍♀️
    Also, i wouldn’t care to have a label on neck garments

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