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Being Resourceful

I’m pretty resourceful. But honestly, I’m put to shame by a friend and also by Thaddeus when it comes to being resourceful.

The Value Of Being Resourceful

Three different methods:

Thaddeus’ Way – Meticulous

Thaddeus is one of the best internet researchers I know. When we need a new car, or have to replace our dishwasher, in seemingly no time Thaddeus will know more about a product than most people who sell that product. He’ll know which one is the best option. Where to get the best price.

He also never gets tricked into default options when ordering shit on-line. I hate Amazon’s practice of defaulting options to more expensive pricing. No, I don’t want to “subscribe” and get a regular shipment of red curry paste. Yes, of course I fucking want free shipping…why don’t you just default to that? No I don’t fucking want Amazon Prime!!!

Thaddeus checks each option and every product he purchases on-line to make sure it’s exactly what he wants.

Friend’s Way – A Veritable Font of Knowledge

I have a friend who is one of the most resourceful people I know. She has exceptional advice on difficult personal issues, or where to buy art supplies, and where to find a social group, or how best to navigate local cell phone company offerings. On a wide varieties of topics, if I needed help, I’d ask her.

One example is how she does grocery shopping. She shops at a Costco, Trader Joe’s and a couple of different local grocery stores. She knows where to find specialty items (like Japanese eggplant), the best price on paper towels, the freshest produce and deals on gourmet food items. She’s one of those people who knows that Costco isn’t always the cheapest option for Szechuan Chili Crisp, or that one of the dumpiest local grocery store has the most authentic New York bagels. Since we don’t have a Trader Joe’s very close by, she also knows when it’s best to not spend the gas to go there.

My Way – Extrapolation

I can be kind of lazy when it comes to finding solutions or resources to meet my needs. Do I really need to know which brand of bread flour is the absolute best? Does it matter that my choice in batteries or light bulbs doesn’t give me the longest use for my money? I weigh the time it takes to analyze these options and often choose a haphazard option that may or may not work as well. I just had to order some cotton, fusible, woven interfacing. Did I find the best type at the cheapest price? No. Did I get what I need at what I considered a reasonable price? I hope so. I’ll let you know when it comes and I show you what I’m making with it.

But where I can be very efficient, is leveraging skills I do have to their best advantage. For instance, I’ve gotten quite talented with web site development. I just taught myself how to create links to web forms that will auto-populate a field and then use that value to conditionally respond to people. I good at sourcing solutions with Excel spreadsheets and Word mail-merge documents.

Or when I need to find a way of making a graphic design (like for today’s blog).

Being resourceful also means knowing when it’s best to leave some things up to others. Thaddeus will always be in charge of anything to do with internet research. We will always do better when he takes that stuff on.

Where are you most resourceful?

Current Knitting

Banged out another chicken over the weekend (does that sound dirty to anyone else but me?).

That makes eight completed. And I’ll be making two more. I’ve started the ninth one already as well.

Chicklets 02-19-24 07

You’d think I’d know this pattern by heart, but I don’t. I still carry around three printed pages .

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