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My regular readers will note that I’ve posted significantly less political shit lately. But this is more about the opposite of my post the other day. What it’s like being non-resourceful.

With All The Opportunity How Could You Be So Non-Resourceful?!?!

First what prompted my last post. Someone I know was in a difficult situation and they felt they had no where to turn. I thought about what my resourceful friend would do in a similar situation. It was clear there were a ton of options if you could be a little resourceful.

With civil judgements, criminal proceedings, and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, it seems the former loser might be a bit resource-blind himself.

He was born into riches. He could choose to surround himself with some incredibly smart and resourceful people if he wanted. And yet faced with a mountain of difficulties, the best he can come up with is selling gold-lame sneakers?

Trump Sneakers

I’ve stopped asking myself what his supporters see in this man. They are truly lost, and no amount of questioning by me will bring them back. They’ve got to do that themselves.

But with all this man’s resources, how the fuck did he come of with this ridiculous idea? There’s a gofundme that’s almost at a million dollars. Don’t you think he could have snookered his followers into supporting that fund with a $399 donation more easily? Or gotten Saudi Arabia to donate?

On this page, I know I’m always preaching to a choir. So I’m not expecting to change any hearts or minds here today. But I did think this was a perfect example of what it looks like when you’re the complete opposite of resourceful.

Current Knitting

Thank goodness I have a lot of Emotional Support Chickens to squeeze when I have one of my fits of apoplexia.

They understand me. I really love the “personality” of the latest one. And the colors. I’m up to 9 chicklets so far and started the 10th.

Chicklets 02-21-24 05

I now have to make 12 of them. So you’ll have to be bored a bit more with my production knitting of these little beauties.

10 comments on “Non-Resourceful

  1. Love the word apoplexy. Seriously. What’s world. Frankly the more knitted chickens the better. Maybe you could knit one of them little gold sneakers! 😆 Just keep squeezing! (Ok that sounds dirty! But I’m leaving it. )

    1. I love the idea of chicken sneakers…
      Who needs a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you can have golden sneakers? I think the orange one is at the end of his rainbow

  2. Need begets resourcefulness.. I suppose that if everything is handed to you, you might never develop it.
    I’m enjoying the progress of your “flock” btw!

  3. To paraphrase Stephen West (now, he’s resourceful), “Keep on knittin’ those chicklets, kitten!” The last one does indeed have personality, as though it will speak in a Twilight Zone episode, but one of the fun, not scary, ones. It’s good to be a member of your choir, Joe.

  4. Joe, I truly admire your rapidly growing set of these splendid chickens. They appear (to me) to be roosting and dreaming of a multitude of secret neferious plans. When you have completed the current covey I would love to see an assemblage of the entire group that would greatly sparkle with your personal sense of creativity. I’m also amused by your description of a lone empty shoe with a glitter of fake gold that will never be filled with a strong foot. The association makes me cackle.

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