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Sewing Skills

I’ve often said that knitting takes very little skill. Unless you consider perseverance a skill. Sewing skills are similar. Maybe.

What Are The Primary Sewing Skills?

Primarily, I’d say that it’s focus on detail. At least for me, it’s the character trait that I lack. I get careless and impatient and lose focus. And so some of my sewing isn’t exactly perfect as a result.

I decided that I wanted to find an interesting tote bag pattern that I could sew. My resourceful friend recommended a YouTube person who does a lot of sewing…Angela, the Crafty Gemini. I found the perfect project. Angela’s One-Hour Tote project. Perfect size tote, perfectly simple looking to make and really nice looking. I had all of the materials I needed except for interfacing, so I ordered it. While I awaited it’s arrival, I watched the Crafty Gemini’s video a few times and I started to cut fabric.

My first snag was with the fabric. The print is a grid-like design, so you’d think cutting 2 16.5″ square pieces for the body of the bag would be easy. My cutting board isn’t really big enough to do this easily. So my square pieces aren’t really square. But I figure, how much difference does it make? The bag just won’t be perfectly square.

My other biggest snag is using a sewing machine.

I always think that I can eyeball a 1/4″ seam or get away with cutting corners that experienced sewing people can. But I can’t. And it would take a disastrous mistake to make me use a seam ripper and re-sew something.

Regardless, I’m quite pleased with the first prototype of the One-Hour Tote.

I’m planning on making at least 7 more of these totes. We’ll see whether I get more or less impatient as time goes on.

Current Knitting

I was also able to finish the 10th Chicklet (out of a total of 12).

Chicklets 02-23-24 02

I’m not sure if each successive Chicklet is getting better, or whether I’m just liking the color changes as I go along. But I love this little beauty.

Just two more to go! Wish me luck.

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