One Step Back

The old expression, “Two steps forward, one step back” is in-play in my life right now. Balance isn’t always my forte.

Taking One Step Back

Maybe it was the full-moon yesterday. But it seems I had a swarm of mini-upsets all hit on the same day.

Or maybe it was PMS…hormonal changes that seem to occur about 4 times a year for me.

Regardless…I was in a bit of a funk yesterday. My sleep last night seemed to do a re-org of my brain. And today I realize I need to do a bit of backtracking/fixing/re-arranging. All-in-all, the re-set doesn’t seem that bad today.

It showed up in my crafting world in a couple of ways. First, one was how disorganized my Chicklet knitting paraphernalia was. I had shit all over the house. Printed pattern, partial yarn balls, stitch markers, double-pointed needles, cable-circular needle, plastic eyes, poly-fil stuffing, weaving-in needles, etc. I need to reorganize everything and finish up with this round of Chicklet knitting.

The second was my sewing project. I’m sewing up 8 tote bags using the One-Hour Tote Bag, YouTube tutorial by the Crafty Gemini. My crafting table was a mess. I’m using my ironing board as my fabric-cutting surface (with a cutting board on top) and my organizing surface. But I had to walk around boxes, and projects on the floor around my sewing machine on my craft table. Add to that I decided to try and see if I could add a zipper to one of the bags. Just to see if I could. I couldn’t.

So I need to clean up and organize and seam-rip the zipper fiasco. Dan (of Gnomespun yarn and spindles) used a great expression for my delusional ideas about being able to do things I can’t really do. “Gay audacity.” And he’s exactly right. So I’m pulling back on the audacious nature of my efforts and being satisfied with less-than-perfect when it comes to my tote bags.

I’m feeling better already.

Current Knitting and Sewing

First of all, I finished the 11th Chicklet and she’s adorable.

Chicklets 02-26-24 03

It’s surprising just how nicely each of these little gems are turning out.

I’m even running out of space on my “photo display shelf”.

Fortunately, I have room for ONE more!

I also did finish sewing up three more tote bags.

One-Hour Tote 02-26-24 01

They are definitely NOT perfect. But they are better than what I would have used in their stead. And they look nice in their imperfectionism, no? Four more of these to go.

5 comments on “One Step Back

  1. You are awesome! Thanks.fpr sharing that a pro like yourself can be a mess. I often the only crafter who is consistently messy with my stuff. The perfect Insta workroom just make me sad about me. This really helped. Have a great week!

    1. Some wise person once told me to never compare my insides with others’ outsides. And that would go quadruply when it comes to my social media outsides. If I had videotaped my “method” for making the tote bags, the readership here at QueerJoe would have been aghast.

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