Writing a Book 03-04-24

Writing A Book

For years I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a book. For anyone who has ever done it, you know all the obstacles. I’ve run into many as well.

What’s Daunting About Writing A Book

Years ago, I decided to write a book about designing men’s knitwear.

I need to have a fully defined idea of the finished book before I begin, so I came up with a comprehensive outline of what I’d include. I knew the outline might change as I wrote. But I still needed to have a structure in place to start. So I came up with a very detailed outline. And then I started to fill in the sections. I hit a huge roadblock. I realized that I’d need pattern designs that showed examples of the various sections. The color design section would need a pattern for both stranded knitting and intarsia. The sock section would need at least one or two sock patterns. The shaping section would need a few patterns for different sleeves, shoulders, necks, etc. And the accessories section would need some patterns as well.

I realized I couldn’t design, test-knit and have many sizing options and still have enough material to blog about on my knitting blog.

I abandoned that idea years ago, sad to say.

Recent Writing Inspiration

A good friend of mine recently suggested that I should write a book. I discussed some of the issues when I tried it a number of years ago and she suggested I write a non-pattern book.

Full disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of knitting-related books that aren’t either techniques, stitch libraries or pattern books. There are some exceptions:

So I was a bit hesitant to take on this new idea. But I did start to write a knitting-adjacent book that I think might be of interest. I’ve got the full outline finished and about 7 chapters in various stages of being written.

Again, I’ve come up to a bit of a logjam. Trying to fit some of the content into the overall thesis of the book is starting to be difficult. But I think I’ll go back to it.

I’m also starting to worry about how I should present this to the world. Self-publish? Try to find a publisher? I really know nothing about my options here. But there’ll be a bit of time before I get to that anyway.

As always, I’m open to any thoughts or ideas you all have.

Current Knitting

Finished with chicklets for the moment. Completed my tote bags for now. I decided to revisit a project I originally made for sale at the craft shows. The See Grass Shawl.

See Grass Wrap 03-01-24 03
See Grass Wrap 03-01-24 02

It was one of my favorite garments that didn’t sell. So I thought I’d try to re-engineer it and then realized I had already written out my instructions when I first made it.

So I went looking for a nice yarn I could use to re-make this garment. And I realized I still had a lot of the original yarn I used on a cone of what was left. It looks like enough to re-create my favorite wrap. And it’s not a quick project. So it’ll last me a while.

7 comments on “Writing A Book

  1. Remembering you had already written the instructions + finding enough of the same yarn = the nicest kind of surprises

  2. I think there ought to be a book from the Men’s Knitting Retreats what we’ve all learned from them, e.g., life lessons about acceptance and flexibility, etc.

  3. Wherever your writing journey takes you, my standard advice is: please make sure you register your copyright (or work with an attorney who can help you do that!). Good luck! I’m sure many of us look forward to the finished project.

  4. Joe, you should write a fictional story about a vagabond family of nine. About all the wonders, all the heartaches, all the ups and downs on the many different paths they take. The “Hero” could be Stefan, the handsome, wealthy Texan with a heart of gold! And just as the family has completely given up due to long-term covid complications, they are brought back from the brink of extinction by their common cause………………….knitting chickens!!!

  5. While technically It Itches IS a book and is absolutely fabulous, and requires skills and wit beyond comprehension to most of us, and you’ll have to pry my copy out of my cold dead hands, it kind of made me chuckle to see it included as I was thinking, well, “BOOK”s. Then it made me think: Maybe you could write a book about the lives of your chickens!

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