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The Eagles Are Back

When I write “The Eagles Are Back,” I don’t mean the stupid Philadelphia football team. And I do mean eagles (plural)!

It’s Almost Spring And The Eagles Are Back

Last year, only a couple of miles from our house, a pair of eagles nested and raised a newly hatched eaglet.

It was quite amazing how close we could be to this huge nest. And from what Thaddeus has read, many bald eagles don’t return to an old nest. They shit it up so much, it’s not worth returning to.

On a bike ride earlier this week, we were in Lambertville, NJ and there was a beautiful eagle perched on a tree very close to the canal. I tried to get a photo, but when I got home, I hadn’t actually taken any photos of that eagle.

However, when we got on the Pennsylvania side, very close to the nest from last year, we saw this beauty.

Eagle Phillips Mill Towpath 03-06-24 01

We weren’t as close to this one as the one on the New Jersey side. And I’m pretty certain this was a different eagle (seemed quite a bit bigger).

I’m always so impressed at how big these magnificent birds can get. This one had to be at least five feet from head to tail. I’m not a birder, but eagles when seen in-person are truly impressive to almost anyone.

And I took these two sitings as a harbinger of Spring. Something else I always get excited about.

Current Knitting

Made some headway on the See Grass Wrap in the last two days.

I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn (or perseverance) to make this one as big as the first one. But I’m really enjoying this simple, peaceful project.

2 comments on “The Eagles Are Back

  1. I love that stitch on the see grass.

    We had eagles in a nest on the edge of the Willamette River for many many years in a row near our house until the tree blew down. So like so many things in life, maybe it depends. If it’s a good enough location maybe it is worth the renovation!

  2. The first time I saw an eagle live was the early 70’s in Wisconsin. My uncle was a ranger in the area and wanted to check on a report of eagles nesting in the area, so we (the cousins) got to tag along. It was cool, but the thing I remember the most vividly to this day is the ‘call’ of an eagle…not majestic at all. More of a screech, lol. Now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma about 2 blocks from the Arkansas river we often see them, either in trees by the river or soaring overhead. I try and log them into a site called ‘Journey North’ that records sightings of various animals in North America. (Citizen Scientist kind of thing…go check on them) Glad they are ‘common’ enough now days for us all to see them.

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