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The Garment That Didn’t Sell

During my years selling knitwear at craft shows, the garment that didn’t sell which surprised me the most was the See Grass Wrap.

Unravelling The Garment That Didn’t Sell

I don’t mean unravelling the garment. No, in fact, quite the opposite, I’m making a second one. Doubling down, if you will.

I knit the original See Grass Wrap in August/September of 2019. I had found an interesting stitch pattern in one of Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries, and modified it a bit to be even more open and lacy. I used a silk and cashmere blend yarn and made an oversize, rectangular wrap. It was both a fluffy, warm scarf or an elegant shoulder wrap. It was very lightweight and also quite durable and warm at the same time. It took me over two weeks to knit this wrap, and yet I still priced it very moderately at $115.

The Yarn

They yarn is a really beautiful silk/cashmere blend from a cone of yarn from my stash. It creates a lightweight fabric that is very durable, even in a very open/lacy fabric. It’s also surprisingly warm when you wrap it like a scarf, or even draped single-layer over the shoulders and chest.

The Color

The color is a very rich green color with a bit of that silky luster. Although, the luster doesn’t show up in the fabric very much. The silk component of the yarn absorbs a lot of the dye and the color is very saturated and very classy looking.

See Grass Wrap 03-08-24 02

The Design

It’s a large (24″ x 66″) rectangle is very versatile. Especially since the stitch pattern is so lacy and open. It can scrunch down to a fluffy neck-scarf-wrap or lay out elegantly, draping the shoulders and chest and upper back.

See Grass Shawl 09-09-19 02

In my experience of what the people want. I thought for sure this garment would sell quickly. And it wasn’t for lack of interest or how I displayed it at my craft shows. Often, people would pick up this wrap, try it on, look at themselves in a mirror wearing it. And most people didn’t seem to mind the price either. They just didn’t buy it.

I ended up giving the wrap to a friend as a gift. It’s honestly perfect for her. She wears a lot of similar garments both as a garment of warmth and an accent piece. She loves green. And she’s an artist who really appreciates hand-crafted items.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with version two of this wrap. But I’m enjoying making it. And it’s as lovely as the first one so far.

Current Knitting

I’ve made quite a bit of progress since Wednesday.

See Grass Wrap 03-08-24 06

I may just end up using this item myself, since I like it that much. We’ll see.

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  1. I’m not an expert by any means but it’s not a color everyone can wear and
    because of the nature of the stitch, the fabric will catch on everything.
    Just my opinion!

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