Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

Treat Yourself!

How do you treat yourself? Do others come first? Is your first worry that someone else won’t be taken care of regardless of how you’re doing?

Treat Yourself Like Someone Your Love

First of all, I didn’t write indulge yourself. So don’t get all crazy with this self-love stuff.

But often times I find that I deny myself things that I would never deny to those I loved. In fact I often insist that loved ones get things when it’s irrelevant as to whether I’m worthy of the same thing.

Treating yourself equally requires two character traits. The first is understanding the difference between self-care and self indulgence. The second is have some level of self-worth.

In the same way you wouldn’t normally encourage your child to drown their sadness in a half-gallon of ice cream at one sitting, your self-care wouldn’t usually include that either.

I Treated Myself

MJ Yarns has these beautiful sets of interchangeable crochet hooks with hand-turned, wooden handles.

Last year, MJ Yarns donated a set of these hooks to the Men’s Knitting Retreat for our raffle. It was very generous of him, and I wanted to include a set in this year’s raffle basket as well. I thought I could get away cheaply and buy the inserts and hooks for this set on Amazon.

I honestly thought the set would work okay without the hand-turned wood handle. But it wasn’t.

Fortunately, MJ Yarns also sells the handles with one hook.

MJYarns Crochet Hook 03-06-24 01

AND…I purchased two sets and two single handles…one for the raffle in May and the other for ME!

Current Crochet and Knitting

I had to try out the new crochet hooks/handle, so I chose to make my favorite crochet item.

Thermal Hat 03-11-24 01

In addition to showing off my new crochet hooks, Tony’s pattern is also completely reversible.

Thermal Hat 03-11-24 02

And the hook feels great and crochets great.

I also did a few more rows on the See Grass Wrap.

I’m up to about 7 inches in height and in all likelihood, it will end up being over 20 inches high when it’s finished. So I have a bit more to go.

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