Venn Overlap Knitting and Mushrooms

Venn Overlap

It’s not a very big Venn diagram overlap when it comes to the two hobbies Thaddeus and I have. But every once in a while it shows up.

The Venn Overlap Between Knitting and Mushrooms

Thaddeus loves mycology. He forages for wild mushrooms and enjoys books and on-line forums about mushrooms.

I, of course love knitting and anything yarn-related.

In the past, there have been some random yarn-dyeing posts or books where mushrooms are used as natural dyes. But recently, a baby hat and sweater pattern with a mushroom motif showed up in Thaddeus’ news-feed.


I can’t vouch for the pattern and it’s doubtful I will ever make it, but I thought the thin margin of overlap in my blog readership should be aware of it.

Current Crochet and Knitting

I spent more time in the last couple of days working on the Thermal Stitch Beanie and ended up getting it finished.

Tony’s pattern is a fun pattern to make. He includes the option of adding a pony-tail hole, but I have never tried that option. It’s also the first time I got to use one of my faux-leather labels, and I think it looks quite nice. Since I only got a couple of rows done on the See Grass Wrap, I won’t include status photos until Friday.

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