New Design Idea - Chiaroscuro by Alessandra Gropazzi

New Design Idea

Chicago knit-friend, Nevets is always finding some of the most amazing knit designs. And his latest project has given me a new design idea.

Crochet Version – New Design Idea

Alessandra Gropazzi designed the Chiaroscuro Scarf in the feature photo.

When I saw Nevets’ version of the scarf, I loved the graphic, undulating design. It’s a beautiful scarf, no?

Turns out, each one of those bands of knitting is a separate strand of yarn. Nineteen in total. Each one also requiring a bit of yarn-chicken to make sure you don’t run out of any strand before the scarf is finished.

I will most like try making this cool design at one point. I have definitely had more than nineteen different colors active in a project before. Though, usually, I could do it with bobbins that were a bit more portable. And measuring out enough yarn for a small color-block was pretty easy. This would definitely be more challenging.

I’m going to try seeing if I can attempt to get a similar look with crochet first.

New Design Ideas - Crochet Interlocking 03-15-24 01

I’m not overly pleased with my first swatch attempt, but I will try it again. I’ll adjust the gauge a bit and the scale of the design. I may even try a different color than this bright orang.

We’ll see. It’s always fun experimenting. Even when it doesn’t work out right away.

Current Knitting

I had to take Thaddeus in for an appointment yesterday. So I got in some car knitting while I waited for him.

I’m up to about 10″ on this garment so far. Which is probably less than half finished, although it will depend on when the yarn runs out.

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