A Failed Design Idea 03-18-24

A Failed Design Idea

On Friday, I mentioned that Nevets had completed the Chiaroscuro Scarf by Alessandra Gropazzi. A very cool looking design. I decided to try and mimic the design using crochet instead of knitting. It is almost assuredly, a failed design idea.

What Makes A Failed Design Idea?

First, I want to make sure I show all my design attempts. Both successes and failures here on the blog.

Second, it may not be a completely failed design. I may try and modify it. Or even continue it as is, seeing if additional columns make it closer to what the original design concept looked like.

But what makes it “failed” is that I’ve decided to stop working on it. At least for now. Here’s the state I was able to get to before closing it down.

So, I had gotten a lot of work completed on it. And it looks okay. But definitely not as cool as Alessandra’s design.

In all likelihood, if I decide to go back to this again, I will make at least two changes. I will shorten the ribbon sections between attached segments. And I’ll probably go down one hook size to make it a sturdier fabric.

But for now, I have a lot of stuff going on. So I’ll be glad to have one less thing occupying my time.

Current Knitting

Despite making miles of crochet ribbon, I also made a little progress on the See Grass Wrap.

I have to say, it does my ego a bit of good to know that this project will look fantastic when it’s finished. It’s a known quantity since I’ve made one before. I know how important failures can be in the learning process. But I also know succeeding feels a lot better.

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