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A Time To Reassess

Have you ever had to help someone downsize their living space. Or clear out a deceased friends belongings? It’s always a good time to reassess our own belongings.

A Time To Reassess What We Love

Recently we were helping to clear out some items (mostly clothes) from a friend’s place. It made me realize that I needed to clear out some items of my own.

I went through all of my sweaters. Both commercial and handmade.

Some I will end up throwing out. Yes, even some of the hand-knit sweaters.

Some I will unravel the entire garment and re-use the yarn.

Others I will keep for now and perhaps re-assess in the future.

The most difficult part is deciding on how weighty sentimental value should be in the assessment. For instance, I’ve decided to keep these two hand-knit garments.

Reassessing Knitwear 03-20-24 02

The colorful item on the left was knit in the ’90’s. And the front neck-opening is a bit larger than I’d prefer. But I could see myself wearing it for fun, special occasions. Or just whenever I felt like cheering myself up. The red sweater on the right is something I was reminded about when going through everything. I will definitely wear that more now that I’ve re-discovered it.

Of the items I plan on throwing out. A sweater that never looked very good on me and now even has a moth hole in it. Another sweater that was always really itchy and also has a moth hole. I guess it really takes a double-whammy to decide to throw out something that I’ve personally made.

The idea of deciding whether something brings me joy doesn’t work so much when it comes to the sentimental joy it brings me. Sometimes I just need to let things go.

Current Knitting

I’ve been really busy the last couple of days. So I’ve probably knit a total of 4 rows on the See Grass Wrap.

I’m glad it’s an enjoyable stitch pattern and that I love the yarn so much. Plus, it won’t take up very much room. It’s very lightweight.

5 comments on “A Time To Reassess

  1. I’m also at a good time to reassess: I moved almost 6 years ago, and there are definitely things I haven’t used (or even looked at, in some cases) since then, so: time to take a look! It can be freeing or it can be overwhelming, so I need to pace myself. I got rid of so much before I moved, but I definitely am a sentimental keeper! It’s especially hard with things I made, even if I don’t wear them…sigh.

  2. Same here. Just did a haul out and got rid of tons! Need to do a lot more before I move in 2-3 years. It helped a lot to have a friend helping me as she keeps me on task AND she has a truck and will take stuff to donate to a charity or straight to the dump. Clothes are next!

  3. I’m pretty good at constant declutterring as I tend towards hoarding and try to keep myself in check, but dang those handmade items. I now have a suitcase full of them ready for up cycling into who knows what. I figure even if it’s hideous and worn out It could potentially be a potholder…..eep. Good job!

  4. i agree, I had to clean out my Sister’s house, all friends and family. Now we all are home clearing out all of our stuff. We all save too much stuff, I have item in the attice for 14 years. Time to let it go.

  5. My MIL died last year after living in her home for 50+ years and not doing any cleaning out. (To be fair, she had always stated she planned to die in her house with all of her stuff, so….) Attempting to clean out her house has definitely motivated me to do my own cleaning out, if time ever permits since we are still dealing with her stuff (and have barely scratched the surface!). I hope I have a few good years left, but it’s never too early to start on this; what a kindness to friends & family.

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