Time For A Recount

Going through some of my upcoming tasks, I realized I miscounted the number of totes and chicklets I needed. So, it’s time for a recount.

When It Comes Totes and Chicklets – It’s Time For A Recount

When I had out all my sewing supplies and fabric, I KNEW I should have made at least one extra tote bag. But honestly, I don’t have the same level of perseverance when it comes to sewing as I do when it comes to knitting. So, I stopped after I made just enough.  Or what I thought was just enough.

Perhaps if I have enough materials, I’ll make two more of both the totes and the chicklets. That way, if I run into a situation where I can use an extra one, I’ll have it.  Especially once I have all the tools and materials out again.

We’ll see how much time I have, or more accurately, how much of my time I can re-allocate to sewing.

Current Knitting

I did have a surge in knitting in the last couple of days on the See Grass Wrap project.

I have about nine inches left to go before I bind off and block this beauty.

And of course I need to make a couple of extra Chicklets. Fortunately, they go quickly.

3 comments on “Time For A Recount

  1. It does seem handy to have an extra Emotional Support Chicklet available, as one does, because … you never know.

    Thanks, as always, for the smiles, Joe!

    This weekend is the Knit For Food Knit-a-thon to support four amazing organizations who feed the hungry, including Chef Andres’ World Central Kitchen. I’ll be knitting the opposite of a chicklet, in aran/chunky weight yarn on size 9 needles. Perhaps she’ll be a small cushion? If other Queer Joe followers are interested: https://givebutter.com/knitforfood24

    1. Thanks Fred…I meant to post the link on the blog entry today, but I got a bit busy with other tasks this morning and forgot.

      I have made a donation to the Knit For Food fund and encourage my readers to do so as well.

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