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On The Positive Side

When it comes time to unravel hours of work, I sometimes need to look on the positive side to avoid self-pity.

On The Positive Side – My Finishing Technique is Excellent!

A while ago, I thought it would be a good idea to knit the Briyoke sweater by Stephen West. I purchased really nice yarn specifically for this project and as with most projects, I dove right in. And I finished it rather quickly.

To be completely honest, I have hated this sweater ever since I completed it. I finally admitted this fact as I was clearing out my wardrobe. I didn’t want to wast this amazing yarn, so I opted to try and unravel the entire sweater.

Briyoke 03-25-24 01

The bottom edging is a i-cord bind-off, so I thought it would be easy. Unweave a few ends, attach to a ball-winder and have it all unravelled in minutes. But I misunderestimated how securely I had woven in ends.

Briyoke 03-25-24 02

If I ever had any doubt that my methods for weaving in ends (see video below) was ineffective, those doubts are gone.

I will persevere, as I almost always do. And even if I have to snip a couple of ends, I will unravel this sweater and re-use the yarn for something that I really love. Hopefully.

Current Sewing and Knitting

I pulled out all the sewing paraphernalia again and finished the ninth one-hour tote by the Crafty Gemini.

My sewing skills definitely improved over the course of making these nice little totes. This is probably the nicest overall one I made.

I also put in a little time on my current knitting project.

I’d like to say that photographing lace while it’s in progress never seems to show it off well. But honestly, I’ve never been able to get a good photo of this garment…even the one I completed and blocked. But I still love it.

4 comments on “On The Positive Side

  1. I have occasionally cursed myself for how securely I weave in those ends, but I hate to waste good yarn, too.

  2. Was it knitted top down? If not, isn’t it hard to rip out from the bottom of knitting?? (PS I can see why you never wore it. Looks odd to my eye and super too warm with that enormous neck. Good luck.

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