Buying Gifts 03-27-24

Buying Gifts

Buying gifts for loved ones, friends and family takes a lot of work. It requires thoughtfulness, creativity, research and legwork.

Are You Good At Buying Gifts?

I think there are some people who are naturally good at gifts. I’m not one of them.

The times when I’ve been successful at it are either when the recipient has given me a list of items they’d really like, or I’ve put a ton of thought into it. I’ve listed in my mind the various hobbies, interests, loves in the person’s life. Then, I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes to see what I would like to get as a gift from their perspective. I’ve googled and researched and sought out ideas. Or the perfect version of some item I’ve decided on. And even after all that work, it’s not always a success.

I’m not even good at providing a list of gift items I’d like to get when people ask me what I want. I have a birthday coming up next week, and a friend asked me for such a list. I came up with two things…two! And one of them I just happened to be wanting at the very moment I was making the list. Otherwise, I’d have had only one. So, I’ve decided to put together a Joe’s Gift List in case anyone else asks.

Joe’s Gift List

CategoryItemWeb Link (promotional links)
SweetsBrach’s Fruit Slices
Brach’s Jelly Beans
Any baked goods…cookies, cupcakes, cake, pie
If it’s chocolate, it’s milk chocolate
StationaryBlank note cards and envelopes
Pilot Varsity Pen (disposable fountain pen) Blue
Personalized note cards/envelopes
Personalized Calling Cards
KnittingStitch Markers (I can never have enough)
Better yet…stitch counter markers
Neck Light

This isn’t posted as a way of asking for gifts. I’m not asking that at all. It’s more of a start to a general list of items when friends and family ask me.

I’d be interested in knowing what items blog readers always hope to get on their birthdays or holidays. Clearly, I have a sweet tooth.

Current Knitting

I’ve finished a few more rows on my current project.

The person I gave this wrap to was wearing it the other day, so I counted the number of total rows in it. Turns out I still have about 38 long rows to complete before binding off.

7 comments on “Buying Gifts

  1. Coil-less brass pins for row counting and place marking,
    Book store gift cert,
    Makeup bags to hold small tools,
    Bigger, sturdy chair side knitting tote,
    KnitCompanion renewal gift certificate,
    Yarn store gift certificate,
    Take me out to coffee and knitting

  2. At this time in my life (75 yrs old), I really don’t need anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself. I enjoy spending time with my friends (lunch, museums etc). My friends, for the most part, are trying to downsize and don’t want/need tangible gifts. My immediate family (brother/sister/nieces & nephews etc) live not close and since I only see them a few times per year and REALLY don’t know what they need/want, I usually send money for the young children. We have been making charitable contributions in place of gifts for the older ones.

    This policy has greatly lifted a burden from my shoulders regarding Christmas and birthdays.

  3. For Christmas, my husband, daughter and I have a limit of just 4 gifts:

    Something you want
    Something you need
    Something to play with
    Something to read

    It makes requesting/shopping for and receiving a gift easy.

  4. My go tos: Since I spin, one can’t go wrong with some pretty luxurious fiber. Fancy tea/coffee. Gift certificates to my favorite clothiers. I don’t really NEED things either but I do really enjoy gifts and giving them. 😝

  5. Great birthday list. Look forward to hearing about this year’s cake!
    I’m terrible at making a birthday list for myself. (Lindt 90% dark chocolate and dirt do always feature on mine.)
    I do better with making lists and gift giving for others.
    Happy almost Birthday! (Almost Birthday Twin)

    1. You will love the pens…just remember to cap them every time you put them down…the tip will rehydrate, but it’s not quite as easy as a true fountain pen nib.

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