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Unraveling Briyoke

I had no idea that unraveling Briyoke would take so much time and effort. Two-color knitting doubles the chance of tangles, so I guess it makes sense.

But Unraveling Briyoke Was Definitely Worth It

Briyoke is a top-down, yoke pullover knit in two-color brioche stitch. One of Stephen West’s designs.

When I finished the Briyoke sweater over five years ago, I really hated it.

  • The colors came together in a way that only Stephen West could get away with wearing.
  • I made a mistake in knitting two-color brioche stitch that made it look fine on the outside, but it wasn’t reversible and the mistake made the garment bigger than I’d wanted.
  • I didn’t like how I looked wearing it.

The sweater go put away in my cedar-lined armoire. Every once in a while, I’d look through my sweaters to wear one, and I’d try on the Briyoke again. Nope. Back in the armoire. Recently, I was cleaning out the armoire and realized this sweater had to go. But I couldn’t throw out the yarn. It was both really expensive and really beautiful (just not in this sweater). So I careful un-wove in the ends and tried to unravel the sweater without ruining the yarn in a mass of tangles. I started with the sleeves.

That wasn’t even one full sleeve. I tried keeping one color on the swift and one on the ball winder. But there was too much twisting of the two colors. All in all, it took me over 3 hours to unravel.

Most of it is re-wound into hanks, so I can wet it and hang it to get rid of the crimps. But this is over two pounds of yarn! Don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

Current Knitting

Made a bit more progress on the See Grass Wrap despite all the unraveling work.

On the first version of this that I made, there were 80 of those thin ladder rows, which equates to 160 total rows (at 403 sts per row). I’m currently up to 70 ladder rows, so only 20 more rows to knit. Or 8,060 sts before I bind off.

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  1. Good job persevering on the unraveling! What yarn is it? I feel like it might be one I purchased as a souvenir from an LYS in Ithaca once. Mine turned into a cat mat. Heh.

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