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Happy April!

One the first day of my birth-month, I’d like to wish anyone who reads this, a happy April. And hope you’ll wish the same for me.

The Real Beginning of Spring – Happy April!

Mostly April is a month of great anticipation and excitement for me.

The weather is starting to get beautiful and the threat of a Winter storm gets smaller and smaller each day. With the nicer weather, we start to get back to biking, and biking is one of the things that Thaddeus and I can do together well. Getting some exercise is always a mood-booster for me.

And of course my favorite time of the year is starting to kick into high gear. Men’s knitting retreat season.

I’ll be making name tags, printing agendas, getting signage printed, finalizing the contents of project bags and doing a lot of communicating with my favorite people on the planet. And one of my favorite overlaps happens soon. The week before the Spring retreat, we open registration for the Fall retreat. For me, it’s non-stop joy.

What are you doing this April? Hope you’re either doing something awesome and/or anticipating great things.

Current Knitting

As you can see from today’s feature photo, I finished the knitting of the See Grass Wrap.

There was no mystery as to how this garment would turn out since I’ve made it before. But I’m very pleased.

I still have to weave in a couple of ends and wash and block this wrap. I will have some fully finished photos up on the blog soon.

5 comments on “Happy April!

  1. Happy April to you, Joe! No fools today as the sun shines here in Eugene, OR. Also, very happy soon-to-be birthday; will you reveal the actual date? Thank you for being a joyous part of my weekdays.

      1. Happy Birthday/month. I am a staunch supporter of celebrating the whole month. Your years and your sea grass add up to a very handsome photo! (And Hi, Fred, Iโ€™m also from Eugene!)

        1. Greetings, Laura Rose! If you shop and/or knit at Cozy on 5th, we may have seen one another. Small fiber world with Joe as one of its epicenters.

  2. This is also my birthday month but plans seem to be spending it knitting Chickens. Made one and getting requests now for various colours so that is nice. Love your shawl! Don’t think I have the patience for it but may have to rethink that as it would make a nice change in knitting.

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