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Junior Citizen

Is there an opposite to senior citizen? The best that I could come up with was junior citizen unless you all have some better option.

Junior Citizen For One More Day

I’m enjoying my status as a non-senior citizen for one more day. Tomorrow, I turn 65, at which point I can no longer deny that I’ll be a senior.

Technically, I guess you could say that Medicare determines your senior status and that starts on the first of the month in which you turn 65 years old. So I’ve been a senior citizen for a couple of days now. But I’d prefer to delude myself into believing I have a few more ours of youth to enjoy.

Each five-year milestone I hit in aging seems to have some ill-effect on some aspect of my well-being. Usually it has something to do with my physical state. Dental issues, back aches, inability to run three miles, reduced metabolism, less tolerance to overindulgence in sugar. All of these have already occurred in past five-year milestone birthdays. I’m joyously awaiting what this one will bring.

The years I turn an age in a multiple of five aren’t really the ones that I stress about. It’s the nines…29, 39, 49, 59, etc. They always seem to make me feel much older than ages like 60 or 65.

So for this year, I’ll celebrate with cake (knowing what overindulgence in sugar will do to my digestive processes) and wait for four years and worry about aging then.

Current Knitting

The See Grass Wrap is washed and blocking and awaiting a sunny day for a proper photo shoot.

Now I’m working on two additional Chicklets (mini-Emotional Support Chickens).

Chicklet 04-03-24 01

They knit up pretty quickly. I’m using different leftover yarns from my previous brood of Chicklets. Now all I have to do is finish the bottom piece and the comb and wattle and stuff it. Oh, and choose the eye color. I think that choice is pretty obvious, no?

7 comments on “Junior Citizen

  1. How about “Citizen”? When I hear Junior Member I always think of a limited membership, that is, not being entitled to enjoy the full benefits. You’ve been able to do that for some time now, right?

    I hate to burst your bubble, but here in Massachusetts, one becomes eligible for full membership at any Council on Aging at age 55. Maybe you’re not quite yet a Senior in Pennsylvania, but here you’ve been a senior for a full decade. And you’re in pretty good shape for that!

  2. I hit the same milestone two weeks from tomorrow. So now we will have to check the 65+ box. You notice how all the other years go in ranges: 25-34, 55-64, etc, and then it’s just 65+? As if once you’re 65 you may as well be 85 or 95? I don’t like that.

    Otherwise we can start getting some good discounts. Here in Boston you can get a senior T pass (as opposed to a “junior” one?) and get 30% off your water bill.

  3. Congratulation on your senior-ity, Joe. That means you’ll soon graduate, my feeble joke at the register of shops that offer grown-up discounts. If that’s your photo up top and not an AI manipulation, you’re looking fit and handsome, good sir. Happy day tomorrow.

  4. Very best wishes. Enjoy the day and the year ahead. Be thankful for each day you have – from someone who turns 84 this month.

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