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Cake Day!

I’m of an age where cake day means birthday. Nothing else, and thank you to all who sent well-wishes for my milestone birthday.

A Successful Cake Day

This is a Praline Layer Cake from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, a three-layer yellow cake with pecans baked into it and frosted inside and out with a caramel/pecan frosting. It’s really quite good.

I’ve aged significantly since Wednesdays blog post. I am now 65 years old and I was only 64 two days ago.

QueerJoe Age 65 04-05-24 01

I blame the cake…it made me old. It was worth it.

Overall, I had a very nice birthday. Thaddeus got me a fully-paid visit to my favorite chiropractor. In addition to the spinal adjustment, he also does a lot of massage. I’ll be heading off for that luxury in a few minutes. We also went out to a fantastic dinner with friends at a vegan restaurant of all places. It was great food and an even greater time. Almost worth getting old.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish up the first Chicklet and she came out beautifully, no?

I also washed and blocked the See Grass Wrap and love how it turned out.

This design takes a lot of knitting time, so I’m glad I had no craft show deadlines or other inventory to knit. I could just relax and enjoy this.

7 comments on “Cake Day!

  1. Happy Birthday, almost birthday twin! Your cake looks amazing. I baked a traditional Black Forest Cake.
    Your Emotional Support Chicken looks to be the most colorful of the flock. Fantastic! I was gifted the pattern for my birthday so a chicken will be in my future.
    And the Sea Grass Wrap is lovely. You are on fire.
    My second ever sweater might actually be accomplished soon. I was gifted Álafosslopi yarn. Long story….Three patterns didn’t work and there were history making multiple froggings.
    The fourth pattern is hopefully the one. Bottom up. I’m on the yoke now.
    Have a wonderful “new” year full of everything and everyone you love and enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday. That is an amazing birthday cake. So yummy. Honestly you do not look 65. Whatever you are doing I need to start doing. It is impossible to find a vegan restaurant in my area of the country,

  3. The chicklet is divine. Happy 65th! I make a fuss on my birthday. For my 60th I had a fabulous cake and a rhinestone crown. My 62nd is coming up. And I think I’ll have the same.

  4. Mwah to you and that glorious latest chicklet. When you didn’t post yesterday, I figured it was a result of sugar(s) hangover. Glad you did today, we fans worry so.

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