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Are You A Finisher?

When I ask, “Are you a finisher?” I don’t mean someone who completes projects. I mean someone that enjoys finishing work.

Are You A Finisher When It Comes To Sewing Up A Project?

I know a lot of knitters who are as passionate about knitting a project as I am. And it often surprises me to find out that some of them hate to finish their garments.

Attaching a sleeve, sewing up a seam, weaving in ends, attaching a button – they just hate doing any or all of that. The Emotional Support Chicken has become a very popular project in the last few months. Which is no surprise. It’s a fun knit and the result looks great. Not only do knitters like them, but a lot of non-knitters like them too. So knitters get a lot of requests to make them.

I noted that it’s a fun knit and it’s also a pretty quick knit. It uses up stash yarns and leftovers. But I caution anyone looking to make one. It requires a lot of finishing. Attaching eyes, comb, and wattle, stuffing evenly, and sewing up a bunch of seams. And there are a lot of ends to weave in. If you have no tolerance for finishing, either skip this fun project, or find someone who will do your finishing for you.

I don’t mind finishing at all. Especially this project. Sometimes when I work on a large, complicated sweater, I am tired of working with the yarn by the time the knitting is finished. Sewing it up extends that feeling about the yarn. But the actual tasks of sewing on buttons, grafting the shoulders or sewing on a button band doesn’t bother me in the least.

Any others who love or hate finishing work?

Current Knitting

The feature photo shows that I finished knitting the latest Emotional Chicklet. I also finished finishing it.

I never know how some of these variegated sock yarns will work up, but I’m almost always quite pleased. This is another beautiful chicklet, no?

6 comments on “Are You A Finisher?

  1. I am fine with finishing. I enjoy all parts of the process. But I can understand why some don’t like it.

  2. It’s not that I hate finishing; I am just pretty bad at it and hate how often it makes the whole project look bad. I love those chickens but it would never occur to me to make one. Or any of the adorable knitted cats that I admire. Nope. Not gonna happen.

  3. It depends on the project. Sometimes I can’t wait for it to dry after blocking so I can finish it. And sometimes it lays in the basket until “the day” when I am motivated to finish!

  4. I am just like KayT. I can knit the parts of a Teddy bear, but if you want it to look like a normally developed bear my husband has to do the assembly. 😝 sweaters are ok because the seams are all hidden when you wear them. 😏

  5. funny, I thought the emotional support chicken was finishing-light because even though there’s seaming, I didn’t weave in any ends except the beak! they’re all inside with the stuffing so why bother, I figured 🙂

  6. I’ve done three chickens, two in worsted for a friend and the most recent, in chunky weight, for me. (Paulette Poulet who sports a beret.) My sewing is hit-and-miss and I’ve been disappointed in the somewhat ragged look of the sewn breast piece. A knitterly friend who began the support chicken wave in our group wisely remarked, “I mean, Fred … it’s a chicken.” They’re earthy, like my seaming. While we’re here: I proudly told my LYS group that I first learned of the ESC via this blog. I called dibs, darn it.

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