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As much as I love my blog readers, I have to admit that there are higher priorities. Sometimes there are anyway.

QueerJoe Priorities

The are a few areas of my life that take priority over the blog and even knitting.

  • My family
  • Personal health and well-being
  • The Men’s Knitting Retreats

Other than those, you all are top of the list.

And this blog entry will explain why there was only one paltry blog entry last week.

I was up visiting my mom and a nephew last week in Massachusetts. It’s a five hour drive and I was up there from Wednesday to Sunday. Spending time with family (and that includes Finn) is definitely something I will always focus on first if given the choice. I usually only get to see my mom two or three times a year, so I want to make sure it’s really enjoyable for both of us. I did a lot of cooking and the associated grocery shopping. We went out to my favorite Chinese restaurant. And we even had an hour-long reflexology session.

Spending time with my nephew Jake was also fantastic. He’s amazingly smart and opinionated. I could spend hours talking with him. Well, I did spend hours talking with him. It was great.

I did bring knitting with me. And I also brought an iPad and iPhone, so I could have both knit and blogged. But I did virtually no knitting. And I didn’t blog.

And then when I got home, Finn needed to make up for lost lap time.

It was a wonderful trip and it’s also wonderful being home to Finn and Thaddeus.

Current Knitting

More so than doing no knitting, I actually ripped out the body of the hat back to the ribbing to change (yet again) how I was going to make this hat.

I’ve always liked hats done in garter stitch and since I was already doing helical knitting to meld two different colorways of Noro yarn, I decided I might as well do helical garter stitch.

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