Manhandling My Yarn

Manhandling My Yarn

This not usually my method. I have just not been happy with a simple hat. All this ripping out has meant a little manhandling of my yarn.

Is There A Non-Gendered Term For Manhandling My Yarn?

Typically, I have a very high tolerance for a knitted project turning out less than stellar. Especially for something as simple as a hat. And even more especially for a design I won’t be writing a pattern for!

I used to work with a designer who would rip out over and over until it was exactly perfect. I used to marvel at her steadfast dedication to perfection. And her designs were perfect. She just wasn’t very prolific.

But this hat has been wrong, wrong again, wrong again and even wrong again!

The photo of the hat in the last blog entry looked pretty good. But I realized I had ten less stitches than I wanted. That was an odd mistake, so I ripped out the entire thing. Again.

As I did, I realized the Noro Kureyon started to unravel a bit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rather loosely spun to begin with. But after casting on, knitting, ripping out and repeating a few times, it’s even more loosely spun.

Current Knitting (still)

Since I had to rip out and re-cast-on the full 80 stitches of the hat, I decided to change from ribbing to folded hem, reverse-stockinette.

It’s still going to be done in helical garter stitch, there will just be less of a difference between the headband and the dome of the cap going from reverse-stockinette to garter stitch.

I hope it works, I don’t think this yarn could take another round of my abuse.

3 comments on “Manhandling My Yarn

  1. Good luck on this attempt. I love to see photos of your work on double pointed needles. My favourite method of knitting in the round.

  2. I was wondering how the yarn was holding up even before this last bout. I have been thinking about manhandle and even got out my old Roget’s thesaurus. It’s not in there. Best I have is maul. That could work. For the love of Noro, please don’t maul it anymore. Just finish it and try something different with a fresh ball. Always remember: Someone will like it even if you don’t.

  3. Recent discovery when knitting with undertwisted Quarry: I always turn the crank on my ball-winder clockwise, so the yarn winds around the cake in a counter-clockwise direction. The Quarry is Z-twisted, so to add more twist, I needed to feed the center down through the bottom and flip the cake. I did this a couple times on the winder, and that tightened up the twist nicely.

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