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Exactly How I Envisioned It

When I needed to fix my niddy noddy, it ended up turning out exactly how I envisioned it. Which honestly, is shocking.

How Often Does It Turn Out Exactly How I Envisioned It?

In short, virtually never.

A while ago, my beautiful maple niddy noddy broke. The non-capped arm broke off at the base where it’s connected.

Niddy Noddy Broken 04-19-24

This is an NI photo (natural intelligence…done with graphic software). A friend who does a lot of refinishing work said he could fix it. He drilled holes in each piece and inserted a dowel rod and wood glue. It looked as good as new.

Until the first time I put stress on that arm, it broke off again.

I am not handy. Thaddeus is more so, and he said he wouldn’t be able to fix it without a drill press, which we don’t have. It occurred to me that there must be some kind of double-sided screw I could replace the wooden dowel with. Turns out there are dowel screws, with double-sided, self-tapping ends that looked like they’d work perfectly.

Double-Sided Screw 04-19-24 01

Since the holes in both the base and the arm were still filled with wooden dowel and glue, I figured I’d have to drill them out. And…we don’t have a drill press. We do have a power drill. We also have a heavy bench vise. The hole has already been drilled, so I just needed to be able to drill in the same hole. I visually imagined doing it and it seemed easy.

And it was! I drilled out the two holes, started screwing the screw into the base and then started screwing the screw into the arm and then kept turning the arm until both sides of the screw were deeply embedded and the arm was flush against the base.

Bonus is that when it was all secured tightly, the arm was rotated in the exact right position.

I was quite pleased with myself. I think I even surprised Thaddeus a bit.

Current Knitting

With all this handywork, I was still able to finally finish the Noro Hat.

The folded hem at the bottom isn’t as noticeable in photos as it is in-person, but I think it looks great, especially against the garter stitch body of the hat. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how this worked up. Finally!

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  1. Kudos for the successful completion of both projects! I hope it’s as sunny and cloudless where you are as it is here in Eugene, OR.

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