Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day?!!?

Unless you normally read from right to left, the above photo isn’t exactly the most appropriate expression of a happy Earth Day.

How Not To Celebrate A Happy Earth Day

I live in a townhouse complex where I actually own the property in front of my building. However, I had little to say about any trees that were planted in my front yard. We purchased it over 30 years ago.

Front Yard 04-22-24 01

The builder moved two trees into my front yard. A Bradford pear and directly behind it, a curly pine. Both trees have become increasingly problematic over the years.

The Bradford pear is considered an invasive species. It also is renowned for coming down during storms. It is also a very messy, fruiting tree that hangs mostly over my neighbor’s driveway. The tree drops hundreds of little brown smudges in the Fall. Thaddeus has been diligent about keeping it pruned in such a way that it hasn’t lost any major branches during storms.

The curly pine was planted less than 12″ from our porch. And while our front “yard” is very small, I will never understand why it planted directly behind the much larger Bradford pear.

We have been debating removing these two trees for years. We finally bit the bullet and had them removed.

In about an hour, a crew of 4 removed about 35 years of tree-growth. It looks quite naked at the moment.

They will also be stump-grinding the Bradford pear stump and we’ll be having a 13′ maple planted in the center of the yard. So we had to have utility markings painted before work could be done.

That yellow painted line…that’s where our gas line is. Directly underneath the two stumps! I don’t know what they were thinking when they planted those trees 30-some-odd years ago.

Happy Earth Day everyone…hope yours is more ecologically friendly than mine.

Current Knitting

I started another Slip-Stitch Afghan using some of my leftovers and other yarns in my stash.

I plan on donating it to Easton Mountain for a raffle they do each year. If I’m quick enough, I’ll have two of them and I’ll call them the “Their’s and Their’s Blankets”.

2 comments on “Happy Earth Day?!!?

  1. “Happy Earth Day to you too! It’s incredible to reflect on how far we’ve come since the first Earth Day back in 1970β€”I still remember the excitement of that time, being in high school and feeling the momentum building. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a succulent plant from my workplace (a University)to celebrate Earth Day. It might seem low-key, but it’s a meaningful gesture that reminds me of the importance of taking care of our planet in any small way we can. Here’s to many more Earth Days and continued efforts to protect our environment!”

  2. This is so funny! I love that the builder was just like “IDK pears seem fun! And if they don’t like pears the scent of pine will mask it… WHO CARES ABOUT THE LIKELYHOOD IT’LL FALL ON THE HOUSE!?” Lol. Happy to hear the Maple will be going in. Your local birbs will like that more too. πŸ™‚

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