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Lots of False Information

I don’t need to tell most of you, but there is lots of false information on the internet. And with AI, it’s getting even worse.

Dealing With Lots of False Information

Thaddeus is one of the best internet researchers I know.

If I need to buy something and I don’t know which one to buy, he will research it and let me know. Most recently, he did that with the Yeti microphone I purchased. He’s really good at finding out what my needs are and finding the best option to meet them. He’s fast at it too.

Or if we see a movie with someone we like in it, he’ll have researched and put together a full biography of the person and all the other movies we could see him in.

He also does a lot of research on nature. Last year, we biked past a bald eagle’s nest a lot. We got to watch a pair of eagles hatch and raise an eaglet. Thaddeus did a lot of research on typical habits of bald eagles. He came to find out that eagles rarely nest in the same place from year-to-year. Basically, they shit up the nest too much to have it be useable the following mating season. Or so he read.

Turns out that’s just wrong. I was talking with a birder friend of mine. He says they often return year after year to the same nest. It’s getting more and more difficult to sift out the truth on the internet anymore.

New Eaglet

On our recent bicycle outings, we’ve seen a pair of bald eagles near the nest from last season. Our latest viewing of the nest revealed they have at least one newly hatched eaglet.

Eagles Nest 04-29-24 01

It’s not easy to see and even less easy to photograph, but the eaglets head is over to the right side of the nest.

Current Knitting

I have been very pre-occupied with non-knitting things. So I’ve made very little progress on the slip-stitch blanket.

Not to make excuses, but the slip-stitch pattern does grow rather slowly. But the slow growth is worth it when it comes to how the colors blend and morph. No?

4 comments on “Lots of False Information

  1. It used to be that most internet indie was from blogs and articles written by people interested in that actual topic. Now so many things you get when you Google are just those sort of Infomercial sites. I’m sure they have a name, but you know what I mean? They are an article kind of with possibly correct info but mostly stuff that is been gathered and rehashed from other internet sources so that you have to read the ads. Anyhow Cornell is good for bird info. I think I mentioned in comments that we had returning eagles for many years along the river in Eugene. Didn’t know if ours was a fluke though.

  2. Omigod, Joe, my husband, Bob, is also our in-house researcher, along the same lines as Thaddeus. Brothers with different mothers?

  3. Scary to think hardly anything on the Internet can be trusted, especially since most folks get their political information online.

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