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It’s Almost Here!

There are certain signs that show when it’s almost here. The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, of course! Less than two weeks!

You Know It’s Almost Here When…

There are a few signs about the upcoming men’s knitting retreat that always get me very excited.

Printing name-tags and agendas are the most obvious sign. Name-tags are one of the few things I can’t easily make once I get up to Easton Mountain. I do have some blanks with everything but the name on them, so I could technically write a person’s name on one, but it would definitely look different than the others. I also print the attendee’s personal agenda on the back of each name-tag. It will give them an easy way of seeing the schedule of workshops and other activities without locating the printed agenda in their bag. So I couldn’t easily replicate that part either.

Also, finely perforated name-tag sheets are rather dear, so I hate the thought of wasting them. It’s bad enough when I mis-print a sheet and have to throw it out. That’s why I wait till just a little time before the retreat before I print them

I also start posting extended weather forecasts to the retreat forums. So the guys get a sense about how to pack for the retreat.

All indications are that the retreat is imminent and I couldn’t be more excited.

And as I noted in the last blog entry, this Saturday is the opening of registration for the NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat! It only gets more and more exciting!

Current Knitting

Only added a few more inches to the slip-stitch blanket since Wednesday.

Quite loving how it’s turning out. Though it will definitely need to be blocked when it’s finished.

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