Where Did I Ever Find The Time

Where Did I Ever Find The Time?

I know a lot of retirees state, “Where did I ever find the time?” once they realized how full their lives became after working.

Where Did I Ever Find The Time To Work?

I truly hope that every person that decides to retire from their career gets to say this. Honestly, I had no doubt my life would be full the moment I retired. For the last three years of my working days, I allocated only about 20% of my working time to actual work. Work eight hours, get paid for forty. It was a good deal. I could get away with it because I was efficient. I produced a lot in eight hours, so my employers didn’t know. There was also learning to say, “My plate is kind of full.” Anytime someone would ask me to take on new responsibilities, I’d say that. The phrase came in useful.

When I actually retired, I only had about eight hours of time to fill. With blog, craft shows and the Men’s Knitting Retreat that wasn’t difficult. But mostly, I filled it with bicycling with Thaddeus – Something I wasn’t able to do as easily even though I was working from home.

This week, I’ve got a lot going on. Preparing all the regular stuff to get to Easton Mountain for the May retreat. Getting my retreat workshop (needle felting) prepared and ready to present. Getting a thyroid screening. Having a tree stump ground and a new tree planted.

And that’s all in addition to my regular weekly stuff.

I’m grateful I was able to do my work as quickly as I could when I was working. I can apply that same efficiency on busy weeks like this week.

Current Knitting

As you can see, I’m up to 3 feet on the slip-stitch blanket.

And it’s looking very nice (in my not-so-humble opinion).

Theirs and Theirs Blankets 05-06-24 01

Here’s the reverse, in case you cared.

Theirs and Theirs Blankets 05-06-24 02

Not my preferred side, but it’s not hideous or anything.

Now, back to getting shit done!

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  1. It’s delightful to observe your excitement as you approach the spring retreat. I’m kvelling (check “The Joys of Yiddish”) and smiling with vicarious warmth.

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