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A Burst of Productivity

The days when I have a burst of productivity are definitely fewer and further apart than they used to be. They’re still great when they occur.

Manic or A Burst of Productivity?

Probably a bit of both, but fortunately I don’t suffer from bi-polar disorder. My last few days have been incredibly productive.

Primarily, I was thrilled that we were able finalize the tree-replacement process in our front yard.

We’ve replaced two very old, misplaced and overgrown ornamental trees with a handsome, new baby-tree. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged how they’d removed the two 32 year-old trees. This past Monday, they ground the stumps and planted a new 20-foot Acer Columnar Maple tree. I’ve already grown quite attached to my new baby-tree. I was honestly quite anxious about how they’d grind the stump of a tree that was planted directly on top of our gas line. I was worried they’d just tell me it couldn’t be done. But everything went great and the azaleas are in full bloom to boot.

I’ve also accomplished an amazing amount of items on what was starting to become an overwhelming to-do list. Follow up ultrasound after my annual physical, finalizing almost everything for the retreat next week, order a new pair of glasses, scheduled a dryer-vent cleaning…the list goes on and on.

Here are three of my favorite tasks I accomplished:

With all these completed tasks, I feel so clean and unburdened. Know what I mean?

Current Knitting

Added less than two inches to the slip-stitch blanket.

3 comments on “A Burst of Productivity

  1. The plantings are beautiful.
    The blanket is looking wonderful.
    And great to hear about the burst of productivity.
    Have the best time at the Retreat! So excited for you all!

  2. Glad the azaleas are still there to keep your illegal mushrooms hidden. ๐Ÿ˜‚ This retreat sounds so incredibly fabulous thanks to all
    Of your hard work and attention to detail. Iโ€™m sure you will all have a grand time!

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