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Amazing Automation

Perhaps only old-timey folks like me are amazed. But the amazing automation they used to grind a stump and dig a hole for the new tree was wild!

Truly Amazing Automation (in my mind)

The tree company sent two of their workers to grind a 30″ diameter stump, dig a hole big enough to plant a 20-foot maple tree and clean up all the mess. They were able to do it all in an hour because of this amazing machine.

Run completely by remote-control, this little dynamo did a fantastic job. I was SO impressed.

I jokingly told the operator that I wanted one and asked if he knew how much it cost. He said they go for about $60,000. I figure I may have to settle for something like this instead:

Although I’d have to find a less sexist company to order it from. Why the FUCK is this toy “for boys”?!?!

Prepare For The Frenzy!

Tomorrow, Aaron and Derek open up registration for the 2024 NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat. It’s always an exciting and busy time.

This will be the first time I’ll be a non-coordinator attendee at the retreat, and I’m looking very much forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coordinating the retreats, and I will still have a lot to do from an administrative perspective. But I’m thrilled to see Aaron make it more and more his own vision of a retreat.

And as of tomorrow, I’ll have TWO retreats to look forward to!

Current Knitting

I’m hopeful to get a LOT of knitting done this weekend. Mostly so I have little or no knitting to do next week at the retreat. I know that sounds odd…to not want to have knitting at a knitting retreat. But there are so many other things I love doing up there, that I prefer others’ knitting over my own when I’m there.

I’m still loving how this stitch pattern blends colors in a rich and beautiful way. Also, looking very much forward to finishing it.

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