Aaaand….We’re Off!

Yes, we’re off to Easton Mountain. It never gets any less exciting on the days I head up to Easton Mountain for one of the Men’s Knitting Retreats!

All Packed And We’re Off

Packing for this retreat had to be a bit more strategic. And I also had to leave on-time. I’ll be picking up Bob and Brady in Albany.

MSKR 2023 - Five at Five Steve Mac Franz-Josef Chet Brady Bob Doug Greg

They both flew in last night and stayed at a hotel up there. Then we’ve got 11:00 appointments for mani-pedis. This year, I couldn’t fully jam my car full of boxes and bins as I do most years. I ended up shipping a number of boxes up to Easton Mountain so I could have room in the car for Bob and Brady and their luggage and project bags.

We’ll also go have lunch after the nail salon. Our first meal at Easton Mountain is 7:00 dinner on the evening of our arrival. I’ll need lunch since I only had a latte for breakfast.

Current Knitting

I did end up making some progress on the slip-stitch blanket, but it’s not finished. And even if I finish it at the retreat (which is unlikely), I won’t be able to properly block it while I’m up there.

At least it’s relatively mindless to knit in case I decide to knit this week.

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