MSKR 2024 - Opening Circle

Retreat Opening Circle

The official first night of the retreat we have opening circle. This is where we set the tone for the remainder of the retreat.

Ever-Opening Circle

At the end of the retreat, you might infer that we do a closing circle. But we’d prefer that the circle continued to open and spread all that we shared with the other people in their worlds. So it’s ever-opening, instead of closing for us.

This year’s Men’s Knitting Retreat – Spring, Upstate NY was spectacular. We make big claims about them beforehand. And this year, we did not disappoint.

The guys were amazing – supportive, loving, engaged and only caring the everyone had a fantastic time. They are also incredibly smart, creative and funny men. I don’t know how I have been so blessed to get to spend time with these guys twice a year.

For this past week, I got to hang out with 40 exceptional men. As the coordinator, you might think my tank would be on empty right now. Well, my car’s gas tank is almost on empty…but my soul is filled to the brim. My general experience is that these retreats re-energize and send the guys home with way more than the came with. And yes, some of that extra is yarn.

Despite this pile I unloaded from my car…

MSKR 2024 - Car load unloaded 05-20-24

I actually look forward to re-organizing all this. In a mere four months, I’ll be back up at Easton Mountain with another group of extraordinary men.

If you know of any guys that would like to experience this, we still have 12 spots left in the Men’s Knitting Retreat – Fall Upstate NY retreat.

Current Knitting

None…as expected, I didn’t knit one stitch at the retreat.

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  1. Congratulations, Joe, on another inspiring retreat. Please post many more photos as the joy emanates from this one.

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