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Men’s Knitting Retreat – NorthEast Spring 2024

With the successful completion of the Men’s Knitting Retreat – NorthEast Spring 2024 event last week, I’ve finally sorted through all the photos. Mostly.

Pictorial Overview – Men’s Knitting Retreat – NorthEast Spring 2024

The Venue – Easton Mountain

The beauty of Easton Mountain and the way the retreat center is laid out is part of the success of these amazing retreats. I never leave there feeling anything less than transformed.

The Guys

For years, we’ve been trying to discover the secret of why each group of guys is so amazing. I guess it doesn’t matter since they are amazing every time.

The Expertise

The guys volunteer to lead workshops in May that are always exceptional. Exceptional both in terms of their talent and their generosity.

The Amazing Talent

Each year the guys get to show off a little at Show and Tell night. There talent never ceases to impress.

The Show and Tell night is one of the favorite parts for the staff and volunteers at Easton Mountain too. Since our first retreat in 2008, we have had requests to attend from non-attendees. It’s always so satisfying.

If you know anyone who would be a perfect fit at one of these retreats, we have a few spots open for the Fall event.

Current Knitting

I haven’t fully put away all the remnants of the retreat last week. And yet, I still found some time to knit a few rows on the current project.

Believe it or not, I actually forgot the stitch pattern and had to rip back a row of work when I remembered. Else I might have been a bit further ahead.

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  1. The photos are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing retreat with us. So happy for you all! Best wishes!

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