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Sleep Deficit

During my working-life, I was always trying to catch up on my sleep. I was always in sleep deficit.

Retirement Sleep Deficit

Now that I’m retired, I’m almost never in dire need of sleep. I get as much as I want typically. I also rarely have difficulty sleeping.

But every once in a while, I’ll find myself going for a week where I just don’t catch up on all the sleep I need. Often, this will happen at the Men’s Knitting Retreats – especially the retreats that I help coordinate. There’s a bounty of work that goes into organizing and setting up a retreat.

Sometimes worry or anxiety about it will start me off with poor sleeping before the retreat. There’s physical exercise with regard to toting boxes and moving table, etc. Another factor is the uber-excitement of being at one of the retreats and among an exceptional group of guys. Finally, there’s sleeping in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar noises that adds to the lack of sleep. Since I slept in hotels for years during my working-life, I have gotten used to the last factor of sleeping in an unfamiliar place. But it usually takes me one night to acclimate myself to unfamiliar beds/rooms/noises. Last week, my first night at the retreat on Monday night, I only got about two hours of sleep.

Fortunately, I am quite good at dealing without much sleep. I know I will eventually make up for it.

The remainder of my time at the retreat last week, I got a decent amount of sleep. Though it wasn’t enough to offset the deficit.

Home Fixes Everything

The last few nights in my own bed have brought me back to sleep equilibrium.

Just to be clear, I very much look forward to my time at the retreats. I’ve gotten quite used to being in the debit column when it comes to tallying my sleep. In fact, I kind of like the change in routine.

Current Knitting

It seems I’m down to the last few balls of yarn for my current project. The end is in sight.

Theirs and Theirs Blankets 05-23-24 01

It’s currently at about 53 inches, and I will be quite satisfied with 60 inches when all is said and done. A five foot personal blanket seems like a decent enough size. And my experience is that it will be even larger with washing and blocking. Plus, I LOVE the color-blending in this project.

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