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Still Not Done!

Not sure why the fact that my current blanket project is still not done is so frustrating. But there it is.

No Reason For Frustration That It’s Still Not Done

Here’s the list of reasons why there is no reason to be frustrated at this incomplete project.

  1. I only started this project on April 22nd, so it’s only been about five weeks.
  2. One of the weeks was the Men’s Knitting Retreat – Spring 2024 Northeast, where I did absolutely no knitting.
  3. I have no urgent project to start when I’m finished with this blanket.
  4. I am loving working with this yarn and these colors. The project is very satisfying from an aesthetic perspective.
  5. When my feet get a little cold, it’s long enough to drape over my feet and legs while I’m working on it.
  6. I’m using up some of my yarn leftovers.

And despite all these reasons, I still am frustrated that this project is shrinking rather than growing.

I feel like I’m in a job interview answering the question, “What is your biggest fault?” and answering, I’m too ambitious, or too much of a perfectionist. Seems so trite to be fretting about a wonderful knitting project. Yet, still I want this blanket to be finished yesterday.

That’s QueerJoe in a nutshell my friends.

Current Knitting

You guessed it…the slip-stitch blanket.

Theirs and Theirs Blankets 05-27-24 04

I am close enough to finishing that I really should start thinking about my next project.

4 comments on “Still Not Done!

  1. I like your blanket. I have a temperature blanket in my future, which should take 12 months. Yours is looking like a quickie project. Love the slip stitch, which I might have to borrow.

  2. O, Joe! Your look of consternation as you hold the blanket aloft is quite familiar. If I looked in a mirror while in the same frustrated state, we could be, if not twins, cousins. As might our community of knitters. Your blanket is a beautiful thing. As Stephen West exhorts, “Keep on knittin’ kitten!”

  3. Your blanket is a splash of beauty and glory and deserves the time it needs to be satisfactorily finished. In my experience, whenever a project requires many straight rows with the same pattern, the ending portion always seems to be much more time-consuming than the start of a new project. You probably already know that the working time you have already spent making so much of this lovely fabric will eventually become a cherished experience. At this point of your completion, I would suggest that you simply enjoy what is happening with the creative ability of your hands and leave the number of hours that you needed to spend to complete this lovely work of art as a charming memory. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with this project.

  4. Die Decke ist wunderschön schon jetzt . . . und für mich eine Anregung, Restbestände von Wolle zu verarbeiten . . .
    Liebe Grüße

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