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Map View Disabled

Many of you know that my sense of direction is truly awful. I think I may have discovered the reason. My settings are set to map view disabled.

How To Fix Map View Disable Settings

In short, I have no idea how to fix this setting. But I’m convinced that some people have this feature and some people don’t.

When Thaddeus is determining the route to take on a trip, he goes into mental map view. His mind’s eye rises above the landscape and looks down at the roads and the rivers and the landmarks and he draws the most efficient route in his mind.

Given the same task, my mind rambles through remembered landmarks and road names and I come up with some vague sense about which way to go by getting to my first landmark. It feels like the mental equivalent of having a crumpled road map in my lap while I’m driving.

Recently, I went to pick up a friend in Lambertville and we went to Newtown. I’ve done this before, so mostly I relied on past memories of how to do this. Getting there was easy. But unfortunately, since the last time I had to do this, they have begun construction on one of the bridges to Lambertville and made it a one-way bridge. I’m certain that brains like Thaddeus with map view enabled would have re-routed his trip home. But not mine.

It wasn’t disastrous this time. I just took a little longer to get home than I should have. But it made me realize that I either don’t have the map view feature in my head, or it’s disabled.

Current Knitting

BJ commented on my last blog entry, “At this point of your completion, I would suggest that you simply enjoy what is happening with the creative ability of your hands and leave the number of hours that you needed to spend to complete this lovely work of art as a charming memory.”

I think they’re exactly right. I have the luxury of exercising a bit of patience and even enjoyment as I finish my current blanket.

As I am on my last two balls of yarn, it shouldn’t take much longer. Blocking will also definitely get the blanket to the length I want (of about 60″).

3 comments on “Map View Disabled

  1. The blanket is lovely!
    I’m hoping you’ll share a little about the chicklets’ retreat experience! I’ve begun an ESC of my own.

  2. One of the best books I’ve read this year was Sea People that looks into who first settled the islands of Polynesia and how. A later chapter digs into systems of navigation, and makes a compelling (and kind of obvious) case that prehistoric voyagers conceived of their world as you did: all around them, rather than imagining it from above.

  3. I navigate by what I have named “The Pinball Effect”. It’s not a perfect metaphor because I’m pinball you are trying to AVOID the hole at the bottom and in navigating I am trying to reach “the hole,” but my path often resembles that of the ball pinging this way and that in the general progression to the bottom. My husband often says “why did you go this way?” And I say something like “umm, because I was thinking of getting to ____ and then going to ____ from there.” And he just sighs and is like “but you could have just gone (insert simpler route with less traffic and fewer lights).”

    Looking forward to seeing the blocked blanket!

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