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Three Win Night

Not exactly sure “win” is the correct term, but I was please to have had a three win night last night. Current project, courtroom and new project.

Three Components of a Three Win Night

Starting with the courtroom drama, I was quite pleased with the jury’s verdicts last night. I didn’t realize quite how much until all 34 counts were read. The release of anxiety was physical for me.

The verdicts coincided with the finishing of the slip-stitch blanket that I was working on.

New Project!

And if that wasn’t wonderful enough, my niece texted me asking me if I could crochet some fun hair scrunchies she had seen online for her daughters.

Sunflower Scrunchie Cover Photo

The Sunflower Scrunchie pattern by Alyssa McGilvery is free. I have all the materials I need.

I had some basic hair scrunchies from when I was making them for the craft shows. And I have my luxurious interchangeable set of crochet hooks from Yarn Dragon. And I have plenty of yarn odds & ends to crochet them.

It was a wonderful night.

Current Knitting

Yes, the paint is finally dry. And I can go on to my next project.

I did some basic steam blocking to get it into shape. But I’ll need to wash and block it fully. And I love how it turned out. 197 stitches and LOTS of rows ended up making a 4′ x 5′ (122 cm X 152 cm). It’s soft and warm and perfect size for a personal afghan.

11 comments on “Three Win Night

  1. I’m happy for your wins, but have mixed feelings about your finishing the slip-stitch blanket. Because I am knitting one and I am FAR from finished! I loved your first one of these and happened to have some Rios yarn so I started one. Then, I had heart surgery and could not find the energy to work on it. Then, I got arthritis in my thumbs. Isn’t growing old fun?? Now, it’s 1000 degrees hot here in Central Texas and working on a blanket is pretty far from my idea of fun, but at least my thumbs are better and I am mostly recovered from surgery and so I’m working on a nice lightweight baby blanket and planning to get back to my big blanket, pretty soon now. Anyhow, congrats on finishing yours and thanks for getting me started, even tho it’s a long way to my finish line.

    1. As the Bette Davis quote goes, “Growing old is not for sissies.” Actually, this particular sissy is a fairly courageous guy, but aging is a bear! Kudos for your healing.

  2. Hoooooray, Joe, for the completed blanket, the new project on the near horizon, and a special shout-out to the rule-of-law and democracy for us all! July 11th will be another interesting day.

  3. I was at an international zoom yesterday and a woman from Norway saw the verdict on a news service and let us all know. There was a combined whoop of joy and relief, from the places in the US and the world represented on this zoom. That instant and shared reaction, as well as the relief that this longed for guilty verdict is a reality just brought me to tears.
    The blanket looks wonderful and those scrunchies are fun.

    1. Hi, Mike, I always enjoy reading your comments here. Most of the knitters/crocheters I’ve ecountered are fair-minded folks. Of course your knitting Zoom would be simpatico! My LYS circle yesterday was also enlivened by the verdicts, the rare time politics were entertained at our table. Wait, it’s justice and none above the law, not politics!

  4. Yep, I didn’t realize how tense I was, until my whole body relaxed after the first few GUILTIES!
    I hate to ask you this, but after trying to replicate your blanket, and never quite getting the right look, would you mind telling me what slip stitch pattern you are using?

      1. Wow, quick reply – I’m still tinking back my rows! I don’t want to mess up because I began with an icord CO that took me forever and I don’t want to accidentally unravel it!

  5. I was sitting (and knitting) with my family in a pocket park off 45th Street in NYC on Saturday when NYT reporter Susanne Craig walked by. I asked her what it was like to be ” even more famous”, and she smiled. I’m grateful for the reporters who have been explaining the trial. However, I’m concerned about the “doxing” of people associated with the trial and the very real threats they face. It wasn’t until I read your words: “The release of anxiety was physical for me” that I realized that I had a similar reaction!!
    I’m loving the sunflower scrunchie and may have to try making one myself to enjoy this summer!!

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