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Happy Pride

Wanting to wish everyone a happy pride. But I also want you all to make sure you’re vigilant during a very scary time.

Happy Pride and Be Safe From Click-Farms

I got three comments on Friday’s blog entry that were clearly from a foreign click-farm. They were all posted from the same IP address at about the same time. And they were all from people who had never posted before.

Fake Comments

The first one, allegedly from Maire Murphy almost got approved. But the “maliciousness” comment was clearly a lie and I don’t want to post comments I know to be untrue. And then the other two comments came in. Clearly lies. There was NO threat to the jury or the judge.

I should also note that there were threats after the jury found Trump guilty. Some of them were doxxed.

So, in this month of Queer celebration, remember to remain vigilant against our haters. And please reconsider where you get your “news” and make sure it’s valid before unwittingly spreading lies.

Current Crochet

My niece saw a crochet design for Sunshine Scrunchies and thought they’d look great on her two daughters.

Sunflower Scrunchie Cover Photo

I had a bunch of plain, black scrunchies, and plenty of yarn and crochet hooks. So I made a couple.

They seemed large.

Sunflower Scrunchies 06-03-24 01a

They’re not really made for ponytails, but for holding hair-buns. The first one (the purple) was done with yarn and needle size called for. Worsted weight and 4mm hook (G/6). The second one was done (the pink one) was done with worsted weight and a much smaller hook (not sure what size it is). Then I made one with fingering weight yarn and the small hook.

Sunflower Scrunchies 06-03-24 03

Finally, I tried doubling up the scrunchie and using different yarn weights with the small hook.

I’m not sure my niece will be able to get the tighter ones over a ponytail, so I may need to order some smaller scrunchies and make ponytail-sized flowers.

Regardless, I’ll send them off to my niece and if there’s any sizes she’d like more of, they crochet up pretty quickly.

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  1. Always love seeing your blog posts. Your blog was one of my first blogs to read back in the day when blogs ruled. Thank you for keeping this blog up and I always enjoy your content.. now if I could knit more in retirement like you. 😏

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