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Surprise Hibiscus Plant

We share a driveway with our condo-neighbors. The space between our garage doors needs a plant, so this year, we went with a surprise hibiscus.

Flower Color Surprise Hibiscus

Apparently, we got to our local landscaping place a week too late for getting a hibiscus plant. When we asked the salesperson where all the hibiscus plants were, he chided us a bit, letting us know that we should have been here at least a week earlier when they first came in. We found a few stragglers with an ugly mango-colored flower that looked really bad when the flower was dying off. And the plants didn’t look very healthy. Especially for the price they were going for.

We were just about to go somewhere else, when Thaddeus spotted this one.

Surprise Hibiscus 06-05-24 01

It was unclear what color the flowers would be since there were no blooms on the plant. But the plant looked much healthier than any others, so we bought it.

I watched each day, eager to know what color the flowers would be.

Hibiscus Bud 06-05-24 01

It looked more an more likely that it was going to be the mango color – the one we didn’t like much.

Finally, the first bloom opened up.

Hibiscus Flower 06-05-24 01

I couldn’t have been more pleased. This deep coral color is perfect! It’ll look great in front of the dark gray siding of our garage-front.

Current Knitting

Having sent off the crocheted scrunchies, I needed a new project. I decided to hand-knit a pair of socks. I randomly chose a Yarn Dragon yarn I had in my stash and started a toe-up sock.

The pattern is based on a sock design called Oliver that Marlowe Crawford designed originally for the Men’s Knitting Retreats. I’ve modified her design to knit it toe-up and it’s coming along nicely.

I’d be interested to see if I could replicate the patterned increases and decreases on the circular sock knitting machine.

5 comments on “Surprise Hibiscus Plant

  1. What a beautiful red hibiscus and with your house colors. Our former landlord, who ran a plant business, came home one day with a hibiscus . Golden yellow flowers with a bright magenta center. As he had little sun on his porch under ours, he gave it to us. Back around 2010? It bloomed beautifully and wintered over indoors quite well. Sadly he died in 2018. At some point, I had made a second plant from a cutting. When we had to move, I gave the original to his sister and the new one to our neighbor, both plant people.
    The sock is wonderful. Look forward to it progress and how making one on your sock machine goes. Best wishes for the summer season you love.

  2. The hibiscus flower color is, indeed, splendid. Serendipity!

    Might you share your toe-up conversion of the sock pattern?

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