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Cool Or Insulting?

Someone posted the feature photo on NextDoor forum saying it was on sale in a local town. I can’t tell if it’s cool or insulting.

How To Determine If A Post Is Cool Or Insulting

When I saw the post, I immediately wanted to know where I could get one. I thought it was quite cool. As did the first two people who commented on it.

Then the post got ugly and filled with hateful comments. Including one from the original person who posted it. While I still think the idea of a non-binary action hero is quite a cool idea, I realized that the post was anything but.

I’m also pretty certain there is no such item for sale. Even during Pride Month.

Often, I wonder at what the purpose of this kind of post is. Why would someone go out of their way to be hateful?

Don’t get me wrong, I have posted some regretful blog posts over the years. My rationale was that it generated controversy and controversy makes a post more visible. It doesn’t justify some of the shit I posted, and I have definitely evolved over the years. But wtf does some moron on NextDoor care about ginning up controversy?

Current Knitting

I have finished the foot of the first sock. After turning the heel, I realized it wasn’t quite long enough. So I ripped back and re-did it. Otherwise I’d have been further ahead on this project.

Marlowe Crawford designed the shaping of the foot in her Oliver sock design. The V-shap on the top of the foot, offset by the vertical flap on the bottom of the foot makes for a very comfortable, gripping sock. As I noted in comments on the last blog entry, I’m doing mine in the opposite direction (toe-up vs. cuff-down) and so the shaping is made by increases on the top of the foot and decreases on the bottom. But it still creates the same foot-gripping feel.

7 comments on “Cool Or Insulting?

  1. I just learned on Fruity Knitting that 70% of all knitting projects are socks. I enjoy knitting socks and I love seeing other hand knitted socks.

    1. I’ve knit a few of these socks and the only difference in “feel” is that the top of the foot feels like it’s gripping my foot a little…kind of like an Ace bandage around it, but not that snug. I definitely can’t feel the stripe on the bottom.

  2. I was just sent a FB post about Oregon getting rid of reading, writing and math standards because “it was hurting children of color.” I responded as the teacher I am, then I dug deeper. It was a spin, design to foster hate, just like the post you shared. They distort an issue and add a catchy title. The only purpose is to foster hate and intolerance. Posts like these proliferate during elections.

  3. I made the mistake of googling the image, it does look like the earliest example was from a hate group forum.

  4. Ugh, this makes my heart hurt. I will never understand this. I was thinking it would be a cool thing to get one of my grands for Christmas or for Pride.

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