Back At It - 06-10-24 01

Back At It

Yes, I’m back at the CSM (Circular Sock Machine). A friend asked for a pair as a Father’s Day gift, so I jumped back on the machine.

CSM Socks 06-10-24 01

Back At Cranking Socks

This machine is really quite extraordinary. When it’s working well.

Fortunately, this weekend, it was working well and I was able to crank a pair of socks on the machine. I did minimal cleaning and oiling of the machine and it was tubing and ribbing in no time.

CSM Socks 06-10-24 02

With only one minor mistake (which I fixed manually afterwards), I was able to crank out two socks in about 1.5 hours. The finishing took about another hour for the pair.

The one odd thing about the machine is that the when I do the short-row toes and heels, the diagonal row of wrapped stitches gets a bit greasy/dirty looking.

CSM Socks 06-10-24 04

It looks like a shadow in the photo, but it’s definitely machine grit and grease. Fortunately, a quick wash in Dawn degreases and cleans the socks quite well.

A hand-cranked pair of custom-sized socks in a few hours…not bad!

Current Knitting

I was also able to make some progress on the hand-knitted pair of socks I’m working on.

Both toes/feet are finished and I’ve started the ribbing on the first sock. I’m overall quite pleased

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