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Showing Pride

When it comes to showing pride, Thaddeus and I have typically been donors rather than activists. Recently we were kind of both.

Showing Pride During Pride Month

We bought a new car this past Monday. We had been planning on it for a while, but the timing was a bit unexpected. The type of car we wanted (Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE) is a bit scarce around where I live. When one came available at a local dealership, we decided to go look at it, and maybe take a test-drive. On our drive to the dealership, Thaddeus decided he would approach the reception desk at the dealership and ask in a loud voice, “Who’s the most gay-friendly salesperson working today?”

I wasn’t sure he would really do this. It’s kind of out-of-character for him. And honestly, I was a bit anxious at what the response would be.

Well, he did it just like he said he would. In the middle of a large, open-air sales area, with about five sales-people milling about, he approached the professional-looking receptionist and asked his question – loudly. She was a bit surprised and thought he might be joking. When she realized he wasn’t joking, she looked a bit perplexed and mumbled, “Well, I don’t know…ummm.” His loud question had also attracted the attention of about three sales-guys and one them walked toward us with his hand raised, stating “I have two gay brothers!” Thaddeus pointed at him and said, “You’re our guy!”

Our salesperson Jamir, was great. We liked him and the car we came in to see so well, that we bought it. About halfway through the sales process, Jamir asked Thaddeus why he asked for the most gay-friendly salesperson. And Thaddeus told him simply that we wanted to make sure that the person helping us and earning a commission off of our sale didn’t secretly hate us. Jamir was quite pleased with this answer and his big sale that day.

Big Car

Our new car is quite a bit larger than my old car. Thaddeus had done a ton of research on the car before we went to look/purchase it. So, even though the timing was a bit surprising, the choice in cars wasn’t.

Since it’s a plug-in hybrid, I’m glad it just fits in the garage. The color is sky-silver (or something like that). So far, I’ve only driven it home from the dealership (and took a short test-drive). It’s a really wonderful car so far.

Current Knitting

Buying a car takes a almost a full day, and I didn’t have my knitting with me at the dealership. So, I’ve not made a ton of progress on the toe-up socks.

Both feet are finished and I’ve also done about an inch of ribbing on both socks. This is where I have to push myself a bit more than usual to power through the 1×1 ribbing cuffs.

7 comments on “Showing Pride

  1. Brilliant, Thaddeus.

    Ribbing is so boring. I switched to shorty socks (hemmed cuff with a short row tab at the back—similar to your Activity Cap) in 2020, and I haven’t looked back.

  2. Yeah, car buying takes too long! I bought my last two on-line (CarMax) and kept the whole process to 4 hours in each case.

  3. You know what Joe, that’s a great idea. If you don’t like me, you don’t need my money. Thank you Thaddeus!.

  4. I agree with all the above comments. Why not!!! I am so tired of having to explain our positions to other people.

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