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A Bounty Of Riches

Living within a mile of the Delaware River and the historic towpath gives us access to a bounty of riches. Both beauty and nature.

A Bounty Of Riches That Includes TWO Eaglets

Last year, a pair of eagles nested about two miles from where I live. They hatched one eaglet who we watched grow and eventually fly away. I noted back in March that the eagles were back. And this year, they had two eaglets.

Young bald eagles don’t get the white feathers for about 4-5 years. So these two birds are young and assumedly recently hatched. We’ve seen one of the parents on a branch nearby with the full head of white feathers.

Both the young and the adult eagles are BIG…about 2.5 feet (79 cm). We pause often on our bike rides past this nest to check out their progress. I love that these beautiful birds nest here. It’s funny, we get a lot of goslings and ducklings hatching along our path too and I don’t have the same awe. In fact, I find the geese to be an annoyance usually. We see great blue herons, green herons, kingfishers and lots of cliff swallows, which are all amazing. We also get to see a ton of turtles snakes and even a fox, a mink and a muskrat occasionally. We are enormously fortunate.

Current Knitting

OMG! It feels like I’ve been non-stop ribbing for the past two days.

Yes, I’ve added an inch or two, but when it’s 1×1 ribbing, it feels more like yards and yards of fabric should have been created. But, as always, I will persevere.

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  1. My daughter and I were just saying today that 3 inches of ribbing might as well be a million miles! I’m lucky to have a daughter who texts me about knitting…

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