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Surprise Aging

Not sure if this is a gay thing or if most people have surprise aging. But I think I had really convinced myself that I wouldn’t age like most people. I would always be somewhat young at least in my mind.

Surprise Aging Has Caught Up

Every few years, I adjust my mind-age – the age that I consider myself versus my actual age. Physical changes associated with age are so difficult to notice because they’re so gradual. So you can imagine how big a change my looks are when I see someone only once a year.

Up until recently, I’ve considered myself to be about 55 years old. Whenever I have reason to consider my physical looks, I considered myself about that age.

I’ve just bumped up my internally-perceived age to 62 (I’m actually 65 years old…but that seems like a much older person than the 62 that I perceive myself to be).

The discrepancy between actual age and how a person perceives themselves is very important when you’re trying to help someone get into assisted living. I remember when our friend Charles decided he was ready to start looking at assisted living, we brought him on a tour of a facility near him. In comparing himself to the residents we saw there, he estimated he had at least five years before he was as old as them.

As inaccurate as that was, it was a powerful reminder of perception versus reality.

Current Knitting


First of all, I didn’t quite use up all the main color yarn. I wanted the number of rows to be a Fibonacci number and so I could get 21 rows between the last contrast stripe and the top of the cuff, but I couldn’t get 34 out of it. They are definitely sufficiently long for my foot/leg. And I really love them.

7 comments on “Surprise Aging

  1. Also 65 here, and sometimes when I catch an unexpected view of myself in a mirror I am shocked. Who is this old person? Also, I often meet people and, from looking at them, I think they are older than I am, and often find out that they are a few years younger. It’s a mind-fork.

  2. Nice socks! And you look pretty good yourself.

    I’m 77 and my smart scale tells me my metabolic age is 84! I didn’t start feeling physically old until 75, and this is the year for mental aging. Ugh.

  3. I feel and act like a 16 year old. But, I am 70 and a half and look it. Would I give up my hard earned wisdom for my thick hair? Yes.

  4. I’m always surprised when I look at photos or videos. Is that me? I just, I just don’t see it. Eeek! But I have been and am stripping down my home environment to essentials. Very very slowly but yes. Only the things I love. Only the people I love. And only the experiences that give me peace and joy.

  5. I’ve started to look much older now that I’m almost 75. Last year I still could have passed for 68 (I think). In some ways I’m still as innocent as I was at 22, but my cynicism?? Ha! At least 105!

    Question regarding your socks: Did you decrease stitches or go to smaller needles for the tops of those cuffs? They look like they’re at least an inch narrower in circumference.

  6. Think of yourself as your actual age!! Or you will be getting a rude surprise one of these days. Time waits for no man. Maybe it’s easier if it’s gradual but be assured, things can turn on a dime. I went from about 80 to 86 in about two years! Ouch!

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