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I Sold A Car

As odd as this may sound, for a number of reasons, this is the first time ever that I sold a car.

I Sold A Car And I Liked It

First of all, Thaddeus is the “car guy” in our family. In advance of purchasing our latest car he had researched it so well, that he knew more about the car than the salesperson. This is often the case on many of our purchases – whether it be appliances or cars. And in all my years of car ownership, we have always traded in our old car when we purchased a new one.

This time we opted not to do a trade-in. My old car was a 2016 Honda Accord Touring and it appeared to have maintained a lot of its value in the eight-and-a-half years I owned it. For an about two weeks, Thaddeus and I owned three cars between us. And parking in our townhouse complex is at a premium. So, I accumulated all the information about my Accord to prepare to sell it.

I had logged almost 48,000 miles since it was new.

I looked up the trade-in value of the Accord on Edmunds and then requested an offer from CarMax. Finally, I rated the condition of my car as Excellent based on their on-line questionnaire. The CarMax offer was very good, so I decided to go that route. I didn’t have any experience with Carvana, Carmax or Car Gurus, so I was anxious about it all. And then I realized I needed to use my old car on the 7th night after of my offer. The day that the offer expired. I didn’t know any of the rules and that always makes me nervous.

I let the offer expire and requested a new offer. It was $400 higher than the first offer – YAY! I made an appointment to bring my car to the local CarMax place. Now I worried that they would assess it in poorer shape than I had and give me less than the offer. I worried that I’d have a last-minute breakdown on the way there or that I’d be in a fender-bender. I’m not usually such an anxious person.

After all my fret and worry, in less than an hour at CarMax, I walked out with a bank draft for the full offer amount. It was easy and I felt accomplished in an area where I had no expertise – a very satisfying experience.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

LauraRose writes: “Well, my friend Sarah Hauschka and maybe another person wrote what I think was the first Pamphlet about it in the late 1980s or so, and it was called Magic Loop. So it’s not a name that was acquired so much as a given name if that helps.”

Two reasons I didn’t like the term, Magic Loop. First, I had been doing this for a number of years and felt like it was presented as a new discovery. Perhaps it was just my wish that I had published it first. Second, I’m not a fan of naming anything “magic” when it comes to knitting. I also hate the name, Judy’s Magic Cast-On.

Leslie writes: “Question regarding your socks:  Did you decrease stitches or go to smaller needles for the tops of those cuffs?  They look like they’re at least an inch narrower in circumference.”

I used a technique known as combination ribbing. Basically, it’s just wrapping the yarn clockwise onto the needle. Then untwisting the stitch by knitting into the back of it on the next round. Wrapping yarn clockwise uses a slightly less amount of yarn and so the stitch is slightly smaller and tighter than a stitch where the yarn was wrapped counter-clockwise. I did a YouTube video about it a while ago.

Current Knitting

I decided to start a cardigan using some beautiful wool and kid mohair from Green Mountain Spinnery.

Using my standard technique of making a sleeve as my test-swatch, I realized a few mistakes. The fabric was too dense. I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make a full cardigan. My increases were too frequent. So, I ripped it out and tried again.

I am a huge fan of bright green and gray-ish yarn. And the shaping is going well at 14″ on the first sleeve.

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