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A Month Of Photos

Summer is my favorite season and there are plenty of subjects for beautiful photographs. So, July will be a month of photos.

The First In A Month Of Photos

A friend of mine is editing some writing of mine. She’ll often make an edit and comment that “It’s a stronger sentence.”

Similarly, I do a lot of editing of photographs for the blog. Especially with my ideas of aesthetically beautiful photography. Each edit I do gives me the opportunity to decide if the edit makes a stronger photo. Today’s accidental photo didn’t require much editing. Just a little bit of cropping. I loved the softness and the harmony of the photo today. Even with the disorientation of the direction of the photo, my eyes were able to see a balance that I appreciated.

This won’t be the typical photo on the series. Mostly I love seeing vibrant colors in a photo. Especially in a Summer series. Last week was a somewhat turbulent week. So, it’s not surprising that I looked for simplicity and serenity in a photo today.

Current Knitting

Despite the turbulence of last week, I was able to complete the second sleeve of the Green Mountain Cardigan and start the body of the sweater.

Green Mountain Cardigan 07-01-24 01

With over 400 stitches on the body, the ribbing will take a bit of work. This photo shows me transitioning to a longer needle cable than I used for the sleeves.

2 comments on “A Month Of Photos

  1. I’m going to love that sweater I can tell already. My accidental photos are usually of part of my leg or a wall. I’ll have to keep an eye out for accidental art in the future!

  2. The top photo reminded me of Fred Astaire’s dance on the walls and ceiling in Royal Wedding. Thanks for sharing, Joe.

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