Day Three - Lock and Key

A Month Of Photos – Day Three

Day three of a month of photos is all about bringing us back to a time of solidly made objects

Day Three – Solid Strength

The physical characteristics of heavy and smooth are both visually and tactilely appealing to me. Today’s feature photo almost lets you feel the heft of the object. I’ve always liked old-time machinery. Machinery that was dense and built to last. The surface of this lock shows a history. And it shows a different history than the associated key to the lock. The lock has lost some of it’s shine as it secured the contents of a trunk in the musty basement. While the key has been safely kept in a felt-lined drawer where climate and moisture were controlled to keep humans comfortable. The environment has kept an almost shiny newness to the key. The contrast in textures shows off the visual appeal of both in my opinion.

This photo also reminds me of the days when when I had to purchase a lock for my school locker. There was alway such a broad array of finely machined locks to choose from at the local hardware store.

Current Knitting

I think I’ll only have an update on my current knitting on my normal Monday, Wednesday and Friday blog entries. The other days during July, I’ll just refer to the prior blog entry project update. Other wise, it will look like watching paint dry.

I have been able to almost finish the ribbing at the bottom of the cardigan. I will be reducing the number of stitches and switching to an easier stitch pattern soon. So, it will go a little faster.

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