Day Four - Red-ish Maple

A Month Of Photos – Day Four

Day four photo brings us both richness of color and texture again. The red-ish maple tree leaf seems so unlikely in nature as a color.

Day Four – Red-ish Maple

Both the texture and the color of the red maple leaf reminds me more of the color of leather in a cordovan shoe.

We’ve had a lot of very hot days in the last week or two and very little rain. I envy this tree’s ability to maintain a lovely, hydrated leaf. Especially on one of the leaf-clusters that isn’t that important to the sun-collecting canopy of the upper tree. Like many of the subjects of my photos, I needed to touch these leaves to see if the tactile sensation was as soft and smooth as the image would indicate. It wasn’t. Just like the misleading name of this tree that isn’t really red, the sensual look of it’s leaves is misleading as well. I’m still glad for the beauty of this tree. And it’s fortitude in handling our differing climates and still looking beautiful

A friend of mine was just mentioning how walking around looking for photos can make you see things in a very different way. It allows you the chance to be more present to seeing things you might not ordinarily see. She’s right. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy doing a month-long photo series.

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Fred G. asks, “Did I miss Day Two?”

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5 comments on “A Month Of Photos – Day Four

  1. I’ve always loved the way red maples go from burgundy to dark green to scarlet. It’s like nature making an ombre leaf. Thanks for the smile, Joe. Have a safe & happy 4th.

    1. You’d think I’d know since this tree has been about 30 feet in front of my house for years. I think it pretty much stays the same color in Autumn if I remember correctly.

  2. Thank you for the URL, Joe, or I would have missed Tuesday’s Day #2 and the beauty of the petunias. For some reason, the post wasn’t in my email that day. Wishing folks a “Happy Fourth,” feels hollow this week thanks to the Supremes.

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